7 Movies Like Lou You Must See

Directed by Anna Foerster, Netflix’s ‘Lou‘ is an action thriller film set in the 1980s. It follows Lou, a woman living an isolated life on Orcas island. However, when her neighbor’ s child goes doing not have during the tornado, Lou takes advantage of her military know-how to map down the doing not have woman. In the approach, audiences research study Lou’s darkish previous and also her link to the abductor. If you enjoyed the flick’s mix of activity series and also thriller, you must remain in search of added relevant options. In that instance, we currently have actually handpicked some relevant titles. You can view the majority of those movie like ‘Lou’ on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and also Hulu!

(*7 *)7 Anna (2019 )

‘Anna’ (elegant as ‘ANИA’) is an activity thriller movie routed by Luc Besson and also starring Sasha Luss, Luke Evans, Cillian Murphy, Helen Mirren, and alsoAlexander Petrov It informs the tale of Anna Poliatova, a Russian spy helping the KGB trying to find a technique out of the reconnaissance globe. When the CIA gives her a chance to end up being a mole, Anna conveniently consents to guide her right into major risk. The story of ‘Anna’ is considerably entirely various from ‘Lou,’ nevertheless each movies rotate rounded womanly spies with darkish keys and also strategies. Moreover, the movie highlights the threats and also sacrifices that might have an impact on a spy’s life in the long-term.

(*7 *) 6. Peppermint (2018 )

Directed by Pierre Morel, ‘Peppermint‘ is a vigilante thriller film starring Jennifer Garner as Riley North, a mother who undergoes rigorous training after the death of her family at the hands of a drug cartel. Equipped with her new skills and strength, Riley embarks on a quest to bring those responsible for her family’ s death to justice. Like ‘Lou,’ the movie teems with thriller and also choices some fascinating activity minutes that might leave audiences pinned to their seats. While Riley and also Lou share relevant characters, they’ve an unique connections with their home, making ‘Peppermint’ cost your time.

(*7 *) 5. Miss Bala (2019 )

‘Miss Bala‘ (also known as ‘Miss Bullet’) is an activity thriller flick routed byCatherine Hardwicke It depends on the 2011 Mexican flick of the similar title. The tale complies with Gloria Fuentes, a cosmetics musician from Los Angeles that locates herself captured up in a deadly cross-border fight. As an outcome, Gloria is obliged to depend upon her individual wit and also power to outlast. The flick choices elements of survival and also kidnapping, making it much like ‘Lou.’ However, audiences that like well-rounded activity performers and also do not like the psychological narration in ‘Lou’ will certainly appreciate ‘Miss Bala’ and also its break-neck pacing.

(*7 *) 4. The Call (2013 )

Director Brad Anderson’s ‘The Call‘ is a psychological crime thriller film starring Halle Berry as Jordan Turner, a 9-1-1 operator suffering from a past error that led to the death of a teenage girl. However, when she receives a similar phone call from an abducted teen girl, Turner must overcome her past and handle the situation with grit and courage. The film puts a fresh spin on the abduction subgenre of thrillers and gives the kidnapper a very intriguing motive. Moreover, the theme of redemption is also very evident. Hence, ‘The Call’ appears like ‘Lou’ in certain factors nevertheless produces a modern know-how for the audiences.

(*7 *) 3. Vikram (2022 )

‘Vikram’ is a Tamil- language activity thriller flick composed and also routed byLokesh Kanagaraj It choices Kamal Haasan, a strange and also lonesome obsolete male that locates himself on the heart of a series of dangerous murders. Unbeknownst to any person, the individual is Agent Vikram, a covert representative from the 1987 Pilot Black team, looking for retribution for his kid’s death whereas trying to protect his grand son. The slow-moving discovery of the lead character’s previous as a covert representative and also his link to his grandchild prevail strings in between ‘Vikram’ and also ‘Lou.’ Nonetheless, ‘Vikram’ loads surge elegant activity and also has to do with on a larger phase providing audiences tons of amusing minutes.

(*7 *) 2. Rambo: Last Blood (2019 )

Directed by Adrian Gr ünberg ‘Rambo: Last Blood‘ is an action film that is the fifth installment in the ‘Rambo’ franchise business, starringSylvester Stallone The flick complies with a retired John Rambo that lives a peaceful and also remoted life. However, when his friend’s child, Gabriela, goes doing not have in Mexico, Rambo jumps once again right into activity to look for her earlier than it’s far too late. The flick’s key facility is returning ‘Lou’ as each movie particular aging lead characters obliged to carry out a search and also rescue goal for a suched as one. Likewise, each movies carefully step the roadway in between activity and also feeling to deliver a durable continuing to be item.

(*7 *) 1. Taken (2008 )

‘Taken‘ (also titled ’ 96 Hours’ and also ‘The Hostage’) is a French English- language flick routed byPierre Morel The action-thriller celebrities Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills, a papa that finds out of his adolescent child’s kidnapping throughout a journey inFrance As an outcome, Mills takes advantage of each valuable source at his disposal to save his child and also her friend from a human trafficking ring. The hectic and also fascinating story is amongst the best abduction-themed movies and also is attributed with renewing the subgenre. Moreover, MIlls’ ex-CIA history and also his objectives make his personality arc much like Lou’s. Therefore, the movie takes the greatest place on this document!

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