AX Wielding Man Wreaks Havoc Inside Bronx McDonald’s Patrons in New York City Viral Footage Video

Another day, another deadly rampage in New York City. Once called the City of Dreams has now become a City of Crimes and violence. Every day we wake up with brutal atrocities happening in the city of dreams. The latest incident has happened in McDonald’s, where a man created a massive ruckus, and chaos and tried to start a rampage. The incident has been very flabbergasting. Stay tuned till the end to know all about this flabbergasting rampage Attempt in McDonald’s.

According to the reports, a black man wrecked thousands of dollars worth of property. The incident happened in a McDonald’s in Delancey Street lower east side of Manhattan. Reports have further claimed that a brawl developed among a group of people while dining in the restaurant. During the brawl, the accused man start punching another one. He doesn’t stop there, he further continues and grabs an Axe. With that ax, he destroys the restaurant’s property. The destroyed property was worth thousands of dollars. According to the reports, he destroyed tables and glass barriers. The accused black man has been identified as Michael Palacios.

A video of this incident has been massively viral on social media. The viral video has created a massive stir on social media. In the viral, the accused Michael Palacios is seen destroying the property and even threatening assault to the people who were dining in the store. People are seen as scared and some are even crying for help. The video is very brutal and devastating. The incident has been very brutal and it has spread a terrorizing wave all over the lower east side of Manhattan. This incident has angered the netizens. Social media is currently flooding with the reactions of people to this brutal act of terror. People from over are talking about this and they are saying calling it a rampage attempt. Michael the accused also punched a guy who was sitting with his girlfriend in a corner. The incident is very brutal and gruesome.

New York City is dooming to darkness. Once called the city of dreams is now turning into hell. Yes, it might sound very harsh but the city is turning into hell to live in. Every day, we wake up to hear about such brutalities happening in the city. The violence has drastically increased in the state. No one ever imagined that New York Will turning like this one day, but that’s what happening now. Inflation is increasing, the poverty rate is increasing, and violence is increasing what else is left? The city even faced a devastating phase during the peak of Covid. Honestly speaking, it doesn’t even look that things are solved. Crime and inflation are reaching new heights with each passing day in New York. The authorities seem to be unbothered by all these things. It’s the authority’s fault that today thousands of innocents are facing such brutal atrocities in New York City. The authorities must start working now because the city is dooming and it needs to be saved. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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