Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Education, Career, Net Worth

Prafull Billore: Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Education, Career, Net Worth

Prafull Billore, formerly MBA Most people know Chai Wala from his YouTube videos. But what many might not know about him is that he is a very tenacious businessman. He has also established a tea company that is highly lucrative. He was truly having problems with his bachelor’s degree, so he considered starting his own business. He intended to continue his education and acquire an MBA, but he was unable to enroll in any universities. He was disappointed by his CAT exam results at the age of 20. His desire to run his own business was only strengthened by this setback.

Following this, Prafull traveled throughout India, staying in places like Bangalore, Mumbai, etc. He began working at a McDonald’s after being encouraged to do so by some well-known Americans, and after contemplating his options for 50 days, he decided to build a tea shop. He had gotten an 8000 rupee loan from his father to start the tea shop. He used to merely work a few hours at night at the tea stall.

He made a total of Rs. 300 on the first day he opened his booth, but on the second day he started speaking to his clients more and providing them chai in English as a type of strategy. His plan was successful, and people kept lining up to sample his tea and observe his command of the English language.

He first kept his side business a secret from his parents. But as his sales increased, he soon made this his main source of income. He initially experienced a lot of difficulties, but he persisted and kept going.

For his tea shop, Prafull Billore tried forth yet another creative concept. His plan was to hang a whiteboard where job seekers could jot down their phone numbers so that other businesses looking for workers might call them. Due to this, he was able to assist customers and introduce them to new employment opportunities.

Prafull Billore has organized a number of events over the years, including “Free Chai for Singles” on Valentine’s Day, poetry and singing nights dubbed “Mehfil-E-Kavita,” and several sessions presented by deserving people who taught the next generation about entrepreneurship. He has even run political campaigns with the governments of Delhi and Bihar, respectively, and sponsored fundraisers for cancer patients, the poor, and monies for Kerala disaster relief.

Big media organizations like NDTV, Scoopwoop, Aaj Tak, Brut, Times of India, Zee News, and even overseas media organizations like BBC and Cnn appreciated and spoke highly of his style of MBA CHAI WALA.

As of 2021, Prafull Billore has accepted invitations to speak at universities and colleges like IIMs, IITs, Josh Talks, TEDxKIET (jointly with Nitin Gadkari), TEDxMDIGurgaon, Lovely Professional University, etc.


Prafull Billore
Prafull Billore

Prafull Billore’s MBA Degree

Praful, like his colleagues, was very eager to pursue his MBA from the top B-schools in India. His opinion was solely motivated by the excellent pay and job opportunities that an MBA offered. His parents shared his excitement at passing the MBA admission exam and being accepted into the top management schools in the country.

He wasted two years studying for the CAT exam, and he twice failed to pass it. He was devastated and dejected after that because his dream of attending business school had failed. Praful hoped he could stop doing everything he was. He prepared his backpacks and started his cross-country journey. After visiting other locations, Praful ultimately decided to settle in Ahmedabad and look for employment. He started working at McDonald’s for an hourly wage of 200 Indian rupees, or roughly Rs. 6000 per month.

Initial Conflict that MBA Chaiwala Encountered

Prafull began working his way up the McDonald’s corporate ladder by beginning as a housekeeper and then becoming a cashier. Even though he was doing well, he didn’t enjoy the concept of working for someone else and desired to establish an own brand. He frequently appreciated the phrase, “Why sell burgers for someone else when I can make and sell them myself?” It was the beginning of the 3-crore MBA Chaiwala kingdom.

MBA Chai Wala Tea House

A temporary tea booth was set up by Prafull Billore, and business was not even somewhat successful on the first day. He made the decision to keep trying and devised a new method. The following day, he began making welcoming gestures and engaging clients in conversation in English. People started flocking over to inspect his tea because they were intrigued by an English-speaking chaiwala. Prafull received 150 rupees that day for five tea glasses and the beverage was served with a toast.

The chai business progressively gained popularity, he invested more of his time and effort into it, and soon the returns started to come in.

One wonderful day, Prafull’s father called to inquire about his current activities. Prafull had to tell him a falsehood over the phone, saying that he was pursuing his MBA aspiration. He then decided to enroll himself in MBA studies at a local metropolitan college because he was feeling sorry about his actions.

The majority of his time was taken up by his classes, and he felt like he was squandering it rather than doing what he wanted to. Additionally, he felt as though he was missing out on the chance to succeed somewhere else but was frequently torn between his father’s desire for their son to pursue an MBA and his drive to sell chai.

Prafull was unable to stop his dream from coming to life, so one day he simply left his MBA class without looking back. He felt liberated because he now had unlimited time to envision and restart his chain business. In an effort to make the best tea in India, he tested out many different kinds of chai and extensively experimented with its flavor. His current net worth is about three crore Indian rupees.

Franchise of MBA ChaiWala

The MBA ChaiWala Franchise has a successful business model.

The company currently creates its various chai cups using a KIOSK MODEL with the use of machines in order to maintain efficient procedures and maintain standards of sanitization. In a similar vein, this strategy lowers operating expenses while maintaining food hygiene. As a result, stocks become more reasonable, and the franchise makes a profit on product sales.

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Career of Prafulla Billore

MBA The career of Chai Wala has been remarkably varied. Although his profession through several changes, he never saw himself as inferior. Even after taking tests for three years, Prafull, who was enrolled in the largest MBA program in India, was unable to transfer to another college to continue his education. He then began studying B.Com. Prafull visited several locations around India. Then it occurred to him that India is where most tea is consumed. He pondered tea for some time. They ultimately decided that they should start a tea business.

To pay for the course, Prafull stole Rs. 8000 from his family. But he built up a tea shop with this cash. Prafull lied since his family would have objected if he had informed them he needed the money to start a handcart.

Prafull spent two months considering tea. He made business plans and opened a tea shop in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad city in 2017. Prafull has no idea how to wash dishes or prepare tea. There were a lot of mosquitoes where he used to park his cart next to the road. For three to four months, Prafull did not name his stall. He later gave his stall the name Ms. Billore. His name used to be made fun of. Prafull filled a page with 400 names. But he was at a loss as to what to call the stall.

Prafull once waited at his handcart until 2:00 pm. His name should be MBA Chai Wala, he thought at once. This name was also made fun of by some. When he had a stall, people would joke around more and drink less tea.

Despite all of these challenges, Prafull obtained a cafe job and gradually increased his income. He used to accept a variety of offers in these cafes. On Valentine’s Day, he accepted the offer of a free cup of tea. Prafull began working as a tea server at the events. made numerous donations of money.

He gradually gained a following and the nickname MBA Chai Wala. His success led to requests for him to give speeches at colleges and gatherings.

In spite of the fact that his posts on social media were once ridiculed, today they receive thousands of likes.

Prafull launched his extremely large business today and also established an academy called.

Prafull invested 8000 rupees to launch his company. He had deceived his family to obtain this money, which he had then taken under the guise of paying for the course. Later, Prafull used this money to open a tea shop. As word spread about his tea, Prafulla continued.

His daily earnings now are 1.5 lakh and his monthly earnings are roughly 45 lakh rupees. Prafull has a total net worth of about $30 million. Prafull makes money through his own YouTube channel. Prafulla additionally grants franchises.

YouTube Channel of Prafull Billore

In 2021, Prafull started a YouTube channel with the username “Prafull MBA Chai Wala.” He posted the first motivational video to his own YouTube channel on March 19, 2021. Only inspirational videos and life advice are posted on the Prafull MBA Chai Wala YouTube channel.

His videos are quite popular with viewers since they serve as motivational tools. Prafull is really happy that his official YouTube channel has now surpassed 1.28 million followers as a result of his immense popularity. Prafull also makes significant money with this.

You can subscribe by searching for Prafull MBA Chai Wala on YouTube if you’d like to watch videos of inspiration and facts about his life. This will be advantageous for any video they upload. You receive his details quickly, allowing you to view his videos.

Prafull Billore
Prafull Billore

Short Bio of Prafull Billore

MBA Chai Wala Full Form Mr. Billore Ahmedabad Chai Wala
MBA Chai Wala Founder Prafull Billore
MBA Chai Wala Starting Date 25th of July 2017
MBA Chai Wala Net Worth More than 5 crores (as of 2021)
MBA Chai Wala Turn Over 5 crore
MBA Chai Wala Total Outlets 50+ all over India.
No. of employees in MBA Chai Wala 50 (40 official and 10 unofficial)
Prafull Billore Age 27 Years ( in 2022)
Prafull Billore (MBA Chai Wala) Date of birth 14 January 1996
Prafull Billore (MBA Chai Wala) Nationality Indian
Prafull Billore (MBA Chai Wala) Religion Hindu
Prafull Billore (MBA Chai Wala) Birth Place Dhar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
Prafull Billore (MBA Chai Wala) Education & Qualification & MBA Drop Out
MBA Chai Wala (Prafull Billore) Instagram @prafullmbachaiwala with more than 822k followers
Prafull Billore’s Height 5.10 ft.
MBA Chai Wala (Prafull ) Weight 65 Kg
MBA Chai Wala (Prafull) Skin Color Brown
MBA Chai Wala (Prafull) Eye Color Black

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