Brad Pitt Reveals He Once Collaborated With Sandra Bullock On A Film Idea But It Never Got Made

Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock have both had storied careers as A-list actors in Hollywood for decades.

But many fans may be surprised to learn that the two stars didn’t collaborate in the same movie, despite a warm friendship, until last year, when they appeared in back-to-back movies: the action comedy Bullet Train and the action-adventure comedy. The Lost City.

It turns out that the duo’s on-screen debut would have come many years earlier in a comedy film they’ve worked on together, but in the end it never made it past the development stage.

Not to be: Brad Pitt revealed that many years ago he collaborated with Sandra Bullock on an idea for a movie where they would star together

In a new interview British Vogue, To promote his new skincare line Le Domaine, Pitt was asked to reveal every skincare regime he follows.

As Pitt passed on her beauty secrets with a smile, writer Kathleen Baird-Murray hoped he would warm up the idea of ​​chatting about face creams by adding a bit of humor when she suggested telling him how his routine has evolved over the years. developed. years, without making it ‘too QVC’.

“I wouldn’t know how to do that unless it was a comedy,” Pitt shoots back, laughing out loud.

It’s at this point that he remembers the movie idea he and Bullock had collaborated on so many years ago, involving a couple who were stars at QVC, the flagship retail channel specializing in television home shopping.

First movie on screen: Bullock’s cameo in Bullet Train last year marked the first time the two lead actors had ever worked together on the same movie

“Actually, Sandy” [Sandra Bullock] and I once tried to develop a whole idea of ​​a husband and wife team, who were QVC’s most successful salespeople, but we’re getting divorced,” he shared with the magazine.

Pitt, 58, goes on to reveal that the pair “hate each other” and have resorted to letting their heated disputes play out “while we sell things.” That’s as far as we are.’

The film never got past the early stages where they washed away some of the key concept and ideas.

Back on screen in 2021: In return, Pitt had a cameo in The Lost City filmed a few months after Bullet Train; Bullock stars in hilarious action-adventure comedy alongside Channing Tatum

Pitt and Bullock consider themselves great fiends ever since they met in an Irish pub about 25 years ago, according to Animated times.

At the UK premiere of Bullet Train, for which Bullock has a cameo, Pitt would go so far as to call their friendship “old time Hollywood.”

‘Sandy is an angel to me,’ admitted Pitt Hello magazine. “I can call her for anything – she’ll drop her vacation for me. Really. “Stop your vacation, put on your dress and organize a 1000 person event for me,” and she’ll do it.”

He added: “It’s so nice to cross-pollinate our films in this way – it’s like Hollywood from yesteryear.”

Since its debut in the US on August 5, Bullet Train has grossed $222 million worldwide on a budget of approximately $90 million.

High praise: At the UK premiere of Bullet Train, for which Bullock has a cameo, Pitt would call their friendship “old time Hollywood”

Old contemporaries: “Sandy is an angel to me,” Pitt admitted to Hello Magazine. ‘I can call her for anything – she drops her vacation for me’

The Lost City, starring Bullock alongside Channing Tatum, premiered March 22 in the US

Pitt would make the trip to the Dominican Republic for his cameo in the hilarious film that eventually grossed $190.8 million on a $68 million budget.

The two lead actors have had similar career paths, both making their big screen debut in 1987, with Pitt getting his start in the comedy film Hunk, while Bullock scored her first film role in the action thriller Hangmen.

And as the years passed and they each accumulated acting credits on their resumes, they both saw their stars rise in the mid-1990s.

Pitt and Bullock have had similar career paths, with their film debuts in 1987 and both seeing their stars ride in the mid-1990s; they are pictured with David Heyman and Rose Uniacke at the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in January 2020

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