Casey White Asks Judge To Toss Murder Charge For Jail Guard Lover’s Death Because She Killed Herself

April 18: Prison guard Vicky White has sold her house in Lexington. public records revealed that she sold the property for $95,550, which was below market value. After the sale she went to live with her mother.

April 28: Vicky files retirement papers with Lauderdale County Jail officials. According to Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton, she had been talking about retirement and “going to the beach” for months.

Break before jail: In the week leading up to the escape (specific dates unknown), Vicky bought menswear at a Kohl’s store and visited a sex shop. It’s unclear if she bought anything from the adult toy store.

Lauderdale County District Attorney Chris Connolly claims she also withdrew $90K in cash from a series of bank accounts.

April 29 at 5:21ben: Vicky checks out at a Quality Inn Florence, Alabama.

8.47 am: Transport Van 5 leaves Lauderdale County Jail with seven inmates accompanied by two officers

8.56 am: Transport Van 2 leaves the prison with five inmates also accompanied by two officers

9.20 am: Assistant Director Vicky White tells a sheriff’s deputy to prepare inmate Casey White for transport to the courthouse. Deputy removes White from his cell, takes him to the booking, and handcuffs him and chains his legs.

9.41 am: Vicky leaves the detention center with Casey and goes to the courthouse for a “mental health assessment.” She told the booking officer that she is the only deputy sheriff available with a firearms certificate and that she delivers it to other deputies in the courthouse. Vicky says she will then go to Med Plus for a personal appointment.

9.49 am: Surveillance video shows Vicky’s police car parked eight minutes after leaving prison in the parking lot of the nearby Florence Square shopping center. “There wasn’t enough time to even try to get to the courthouse,” Sheriff Rick Singleton said.

11:34 a.m.: A police officer from the Florence Police Department sees her cruiser.

3.30 pm: Booking agent reports to administration that they have tried to contact Vicky to see how she is, and her phone goes straight to voicemail. The officer also says that Casey was not returned to the detention center with other inmates.

About 11 p.m.: Jackie Adams, a native of College Grove, Tennessee, finds Vicky’s SUV — with tinted windows and no tags — abandoned by her house. She reported the vehicle to the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, who had it towed.

May 1: Us Marshals Offer $10,000 Premium – Now Up to $25,000 – For Casey

3rd of May: US Marshals have issued a warrant for Vicky. accusing her of allowing or facilitating first-degree escape in connection with capital murder

may 4th: Vicky and Casey were seen driving around Florence in a police car on gas station guards

6 May: Tennessee Police Department discovers that the impounded SUV belonged to Vicky, prompting a force of US Marshals, Williamson County Sheriff’s Officers and SWAT members to return to Adams’ property.

Drones and helicopters descended on Adams’ house – where they stayed for hours and into the evening.

2.15 pm: The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office tweets ‘there is NO sign the two are still in our area’.

May 7: Connolly reveals investigators’ theory that Vicky Casey, dressed as a woman, rolls around in a wheelchair. Officials also suspect Vicky could disguise herself as an elderly woman wearing a gray wig.

The 9th of May: US Marshals search for the couple in Evansville, Indiana after authorities find a vehicle reported stolen in the Tennessee area where Vicky’s SUV was left.

The couple is then caught after a short chase in Evansville, Indiana. Casey White surrenders. Vicky White is taken to hospital with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Source: WAAY-TVthe Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office, NewsNation, TODAY and

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