Chandigarh University MMS Video Link, 60 Girls Bathing Video Leaked Online, CU’s Girl Arrested

Chandigarh University Viral MMS Video Link Matter! A student at the university’s women’s dorm is accused of filming about sixty of her fellow students while they bathed in a bidet and then posting the footage on an adult website. A student from the University of Chandigarh was accused of leaking a video showing female students taking a shower.


  • In Chandigarh University, multiple MMS of girls were leaked by a girl in exchange for money. As the videos are getting viral, the victims are attempting suicide. Reportedly 1 girl is dead and others are admitted in serious condition.
  • Protests are going in front of Hostel. The students were forced to settle the matter by authorities.
  • A Girl recorded the video and viral on the internet, now arrested.

An enormous demonstration occurred at Chandigarh University after films of female students were covertly shot in a dormitory restroom and posted online. There were reportedly over sixty female students recorded by a girl when they took a shower in the dormitory restroom at Chandigarh University. She forwarded the footage to the individual responsible for leaking it online.

Later, the cops apprehended her. The video of the girl being questioned by the university’s campus warden has now gone popular online. The videos were allegedly transmitted to the accused student’s acquaintance in Shimla. The video of her questioning by the warden quickly gained widespread online attention.

About Chandigarh University Viral MMS Video

Here is what Mohali SP said about the incident:

Despite this accusation, authorities have stated that they have only recovered one video of the accused herself and that she has not shot any other videos of anyone else.

We have only been able to locate one video of the accused in question so far in our research. She has not filmed any other subjects. All mobile phones and other gadgets have been confiscated for forensic analysis. SP Mohali

Chandigarh University Video Leak: University POV

“There is a rumour circulating through the media that 60 objectionable MMS has been found in different students,” Dr Bawa said in an official statement. No reasonable person could ever believe such a thing. Aside from a private film made by a female and given by herself to her boyfriend, no problematic recordings of students have been identified during the preliminary inquiry done by the University.

Chandigarh University claims it is ultimately collaborating with authorities in their inquiry, adding that all mobile phones and other documents have been turned over to them. “It is further clarified that the university is fully committed and competent to ensure the safety and security of all our students, especially our daughter-like girl students,” the university added.

Furthermore, the pro-chancellor denied claims that victims committed suicide. A female has never tried anything like this. To this occurrence, no female has been hospitalized.

CU MMS Leaked By Colleague

The police have also reported that a complaint has been filed against the girl at the Gharuan police station under Section 354 c of the Indian Penal Code and the Information Technology Act. The girl is a first-year business administration student, which makes her accusation shocking. A video of the girl being questioned by her warden and a bunch of other females has gone popular on social media.

The accused female student allegedly texted the lad in Shimla recordings of her fellow dormitory residents using the restroom. There is a video of the accused admitting that she was the one who created the tapes and sent them to a youngster in Shimla.

During this time, the girl revealed that she had recorded footage of roughly 60 other females. Despite this accusation, authorities have stated that they have only recovered one video of the accused herself and that she has not shot any other videos of anyone else.

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