Facebook Reverses Ban On Ads From Conservative Children’s Book Publisher After Outrage From Fox News

Facebook chose to undo a “permanent” ban on ads from conservative book publisher Brave Books after Fox News reached out to the Big-Tech conglomerate to see why the ban was imposed in the first place.

Brave Books is a Christian children’s publishing house that produces “pro-God, pro-America, and anti-woke values.”

Brave Books founder Trent Talbot called the suspension an “existential threat” to the company, which, like many small and medium-sized businesses, relies on Facebook and Google ads for a significant portion of its traction.

Facebook’s first message to Brave on Thursday said the platform banned the company’s ad accounts without explanation, calling the decision “final.”

However, when Fox News inquired about the ban, the company confirmed that the ad account remains active.

Brave Books CEO Trent Talbot says Facebook's ad ban is an 'existential threat' to his company

Brave Books CEO Trent Talbot says Facebook’s ad ban is an ‘existential threat’ to his company

The latest ad on Brave’s Facebook page is for Fiona’s Fantastical Fort, a book that teaches kids the value of perseverance

Fox News host Julie Banderas says she works with Brave Books specifically for Christian values

‘This is a good example of big tech today. They shut down small businesses that say something that conflicts with their waking agenda. They are only allowed to reinstate accounts if they are hit with bad PR, only to throttle those same accounts to render them ineffective,” Talbot said.

Talbot say a similar suspension from Google was also lifted earlier this year after Fox News reported on it.

The account’s most recent ad was promoting Fox News anchor Julie Banderas’ contribution to the Brave arsenal: Fiona’s Fantastical Fort, a book about a girl named Fiona who exemplifies the quality of perseverance as she struggles to build a fortress for her friends.

Facebook has come under scrutiny in recent years for its strict ban on conservative-leaning companies and individuals

Brave has released a number of children’s books promoting pro-God and anti-wake messages

Popular online conservative commentator Rogan O’Handley is one of the authors of Brave

Banderas, who said her enthusiasm for working with Brave Books stems from the company’s Christian values ​​and the lessons Brave Books puts into their classes, tweeted that Facebook’s attempt to shut down Brave’s ad account was “another attempt to woo conservatives.” to cancel’.

“The lessons Brave Books teaches in their Freedom Island series are what I want my children to embody. The lessons include a sanctity for life, unconditional love in the home, the perniciousness of critical race theory — and more,” Banderas said during an interview with her employer about the book.

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