Happy Birthday Bebo 6 Times Kareena Kapoor Khan Broke Stereotypes

Kareena Kapoor Khan Breaking Stereotypes: Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan has frequently made news for her unconventional decisions and smashing stereotypes. The Bollywood diva, popularly known as Bebo, stands out from the crowd because she often challenges what seems to be the traditional rules of the modern world. The actress who belongs to the first family of Indian cinema – ‘The Kapoor Family,’ has been winning hearts for over two decades now. She has never failed to leave an impression on the audience with her career-defining roles in films like Chameli, Omkara, Heroine, Jab We Met, Talaash, Veere Di Wedding, Ki & Ka, and Udta Punjab.Also Read – Koffee With Karan 7 New Episode Major Highlights: Kiara Advani Wants Alia Bhatt as Her Bridesmaid, Shahid Kapoor Says His Ex’s Father Didn’t Like Him

Ever since Kareena Kapoor started her career, she was mindful of silently challenging good old traditional Bollywood with her pizzazz, swag and her glamour screen presence. There can never be enough of Kareena Kapoor in the movies, but she is more than just her glamorous self. She never feared going all big in her movies. Here are six times she decided to break the glass ceiling knowingly and unknowingly. Also Read – Kareena Kapoor Khan Sweats Hard to Lose Her Pregnancy Weight; Watch Inspiring Workout Video

  1. Kareena Kapoor Khan is All About Equal Pay: The gender pay gap is a global problem that persists in many industries. When Kareena Kapoor was offered the role in ‘Kal Ho Na Ho,’ she sought the same salary as her co-star Shah Rukh Khan following which they went more than nine months without speaking, as filmmaker Karan Johar described in his autobiographies ‘An Unsuitable Boy.’ Kareena later said in an interview with Pinkvilla, “You put in an equal amount of time and effort, so obviously, you want a certain amount.”
  2. Kareena Kapoor Normalises Working During Pregnancy: Many people anticipated that Kareena Kapoor would take time off from work while she was expecting her first kid, Taimur. Kareena had taken precautions to ensure that her pregnancy wouldn’t prevent her from fulfilling her professional responsibilities because she wasn’t conscious of her growing belly. She set a great example for other pregnant women by walking the Sabyasachi runway, giving them the confidence to own their bodies. Even while she was pregnant with her second child – Jehangir, she kept up her job, attending events and doing shoots. She served as an inspiration for other expectant mothers.
  3. Kareena Kapoor Fights Patriarchy With Her Roles: Kareena Kapoor’s film ‘Ki & Ka‘ defied the societal gender roles. The movie narrated the tale of a couple where the guy was a stay-at-home dad, while the lady was a working professional. She is portrayed as a self-sufficient bread-earner who supported the family while her husband stayed home to take care of day-to-day chores. Many ladies were influenced by Kareena Kapoor’s role of Geet in ‘Jab We Met.’ Her persona has taught us that no matter what, we should never stop loving ourselves and prioritize taking care of ourselves first. Many people might identify with Kareena Kapoor’s character Kalindi from ‘Veere Di Wedding,’ who must don an expensive attire to appease her future in-laws. Trying to please someone to make your own self uncomfortable? Not very Kareena!
  4. Kareena Kapoor Flaunts Baby Bump With Grace: The contradictory notion that a pregnant lady shouldn’t flaunt her belly, Kareena Kapoor broke the shell and flaunted her baby bump while she was pregnant with Taimur, setting significant fashion aspirations. In a 2016 interview with Grazia, Kareena Kapoor Khan said, “I do have a stomach and am big. But I have a child in there and I am carrying it proudly. There’s nothing to sit at home and watch Netflix for. I go to work and come back; I don’t want to curl up and hide.” While each to its own, Kareena Kapoor made a statement with her grace and comfort during her pregnancy.
  5. Kareena Kapoor is All About Acceptance: Kareena Kapoor, an actor who made her Bollywood debut in the movie Refugee, rose to fame almost immediately because she shot the entire film without any makeup or glamour. She served as an inspiration to that generation of actresses, who were both her colleagues in the profession and other women who were looking up to her via screen because she owned her skin. Kareena overcame her insecurities and challenged the socially imposed beauty standards. It was a remarkable choice considering how few people feel good about their appearance.
  6. Kareena Kapoor Gets Vocal About Her Love Life: When women were urged to keep their romantic relationships private, Kareena Kapoor Khan took ownership of each of her relationships. She was outspoken about her relationship with Shahid and owned it on Koffee With Karan. Shahid Kapoor had Bebo completely smitten for five years. And when Saif flaunted her tattoo, she radiated confidence to own the relationship. The actress has always owned her relationships, be it her friendships o or the love of her life.

Kareena Kapoor Khan has defied all expectations and gender standards by establishing her own rules and representing the very best of women. Happy birthday to Kareena, who will always be one of our favourites! Also Read – Viral Video: Makeup Artist’s Amazing Transformation Into Kareena Kapoor From Asoka Will Leave You in Awe | Watch

When Kareena Kapoor’s Geet said ‘Mein Apni Favourite Hoon,’ we couldn’t agree more!

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