Is He Married To Partner Sara Del Rey?

Claudio Castagnoli, a Swiss wrestler, and Sara Del Rey, a singer, both work in the same field. Claudio is a wrestler for All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and Ring of Honor, which is AEW’s sister company (ROH).

In a similar way, Sara is now a trainer for professional wrestlers. In September 2012, she became the first woman to be a trainer in the history of WWE’s developmental league NXT.

Castagnoli is known as one of the best wrestlers, and his work with Shinsuke Nakamura, Tyson Kidd, Sheamus, and Jack Swagger has helped him become known as a “stage team specialist.”

Claudio Castagnoli
Claudio Castagnoli

Claudio Castagnoli Wife: Is his girlfriend Sara Del Rey his wife?

Claudio Castagnoli and his long-term partner Sara Del Rey are not married. But many people think they are married.

Sara used to be Claudio’s manager back when he was a solo artist. People say that they have been in a relationship since 2011.

Since they didn’t talk about their relationship in public, their fans are still interested in how they met and fell in love.

Still, they came in together about 13 seconds into the Total Divas show where Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella were getting married.

Sara used to be a professional wrestler. She did a few matches for the MTV show Wrestling Society X under the name Nic Grimes while wearing a mask.

She was a mainstay for Chikara and Shimmer and also worked for independent US promotions like Ring of Honor (ROH), IWA Mid-South, and All Pro Wrestling.

In the same way, she is in charge of coaching all the women who wrestle at the Orlando performance center.

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Only one month separates Claudio Castagnoli and Sara Del Rey in age

Cesaro, whose real name is Claudio Castagnoli, is an AEW star who was born on December 27, 1980, in Lucerne, Switzerland. He is 41 years old.

Cesaro was a teen who played basketball, football, and tennis. He still does these things now that he is an adult.

Castagnoli is 6 feet 5 inches, or 196 centimeters, tall, and weighs about 105 kg, according to his Wikipedia page (232 lb). Pro wrestlers like Skayde, SigMasta Rappo, Chris Hero, Dave Taylor, and Mike Quakenbush taught him how to fight.

On November 13, 1980, Sara Del Rey was born to her parents in Martinez, California. At the time of her birth, her name was Sara Ann Amato.

She watched professional wrestling as a child. Her favorite wrestlers were Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior because of how exciting they were.

Claudio Castagnoli Dating Life & Relationship

People have always been interested in who Claudio Castagnoli dates. He has been in the news for a long time because of rumors that he is dating fellow wrestler Sara Del Rey.

He used to date Aksana, a professional wrestler from Lithuania. Before they broke up in 2014, the two had been together for a few years.

Claudio and Aksana have both kept quiet about why they broke up. They have moved on with their lives and are doing well in their jobs.

During her time in WWE, Aksana was a well-liked pro wrestler. She was the youngest person to compete in the 1999 IFBB Arnold Classic Contest. She was 17 years old.

On the April 7 episode of FCW TV, Maxine helped Aksana beat AJ Lee and win the FCW Divas Championship. Then, she became the first female to hold the FCW Divas Championship and Queen of FCW titles.

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Claudio Castagnoli Net Worth 2022 & Earnings

Claudio Castagnoli’s net worth is supposed to be around $3 million as of September 2022. Based on his wrestling history, the amount given is just a rough estimate.

In 2011, he signed with WWE, and in April 2012, he joined the main roster. Before that, he was in Florida Championship Wrestling, which is WWE’s training ground for new wrestlers (FCW).

At WrestleManiaXXX, Claudio won the first André the Giant Memorial Trophy and was the WWE United States Champion once.

He was called one of the best wrestlers because he was in the WWE for so long and the most underrated wrestler because of how strong he was in the ring.

Who Is Claudio Castagnoli Girlfriend?

Sara Del Rey is a professional wrestling trainer and Claudio Castagnoli’s girlfriend.

Are Claudio Castagnoli And Sara Del Rey Married?

No, Sara Del Rey and Claudio Castagnoli are not married yet.

Early years

Claudio Castagnoli was born on December 27, 1980, in Lucerne. He played tennis, football, and basketball when he was a teenager, and he still likes these sports as an adult.

Start of a job (2000–2004)

Castagnoli was first trained by fellow Swiss wrestler SigMasta Rappo in his home country, and he made his debut on December 24, 2000, in Essen, Germany, for Westside Xtreme Wrestling. He started out with a Japanese trick, but then he switched to a Swiss banker. He and Ares were known as Swiss Money Holding. Dave Taylor taught Castagnoli while he was performing in England. In Switzerland, he met Chris Hero and Mike Quackenbush, who asked Swiss Money Holding to perform in the United States. Before going back to Europe, they competed in IWA Mid-South and Chikara and got training from Hero. In 2004, Castagnoli won the green card lottery on his first try. He moved to the United States and started making regular appearances for Ring of Honor and Chikara. Meanwhile, Ares stayed in Switzerland and started a new company with Marc Roudin called Swiss Money Holding.

Claudio Castagnoli
Claudio Castagnoli

Chikara (2003–2011)

Castagnoli and Ares made their Chikara debuts on July 5, 2003, at the 2003 Tag World Grand Prix, where they tied with the SuperFriends and were kicked out (Chris Hero and Mike Quackenbush). In 2004, Castagnoli went back to Chikara and joined Larry Sweeney’s Sweet ‘n’ Sour International faction. The next year, Castagnoli and Arik Cannon got together to form AC/CC. The team took part in the 2005 Tag World Grand Prix, which they won after Hero betrayed his partner Quackenbush in the tournament’s final round. The Kings of Wrestling was made up of Castagnoli, Cannon, and Hero. At the end of 2005, Cannon left the promotion, so Hero and Castagnoli became a regular tag team. They entered the 2006 Tag World Grand Prix and beat Equinox and Hydra, Ranmaru and Sumie Sakai, the North Star Express (Ryan Cruz and Darin Corbin), Incoherence (Hallowicked and Delirious), and Team Dragondoor (Skayde and Milano Collection A.T.) to become the first Chikara Campeones de Parejas.

Team F.I.S.T. (Icarus and Gran Akuma) beat Castagnoli and Hero in a two out of three falls match on November 17, 2006, at the Chikara show Brick in Reading, Pennsylvania. Hero and Team F.I.S.T. went after Castagnoli after the match was over. In November 2006, it was announced that Castagnoli had signed a developmental deal with World Wrestling Entertainment. He had impressed them with an appearance on Raw (as a police officer in a backstage segment) and a successful tryout for Deep South Wrestling. Castagnoli was let out of his WWE contract soon after that.

Competition for singles (2007–2009)

Castagnoli (right) and Ice Cream Jr. (left) and El Hijo del Ice Cream (center) when they got back to Chikara.

Castagnoli went back to Chikara on February 16, 2007, as a masked character named “A Very Mysterious Ice Cream,” who was part of the group Los Ice Creams. After that, Castagnoli started fighting with Chris Hero, who used to be his partner. At Rey de Voladores on April 22, 2007, Hero beat Castagnoli, and the rules of the match said that Castagnoli had to go back to the Kings of Wrestling. The next month, Hero, Castagnoli, and Larry Sweeney joined Team F.I.S.T., which was made up of Icarus, Akuma, and Chuck Taylor, to form the Kings of Wrestling superstable. Later, Mitch Ryder, Max Boyer, and Shayne Hawke also joined the group. In the annual torneo cibernetico match at Cibernetico & Robin on September 22, 2007, the Kings of Wrestling took on Los Luchadores. Hero, Castagnoli, and Mitch Ryder were the only ones left after the Kings won, but since there could only be one winner, they had to fight each other. Castagnoli made Hero tap out, and then he pinned Ryder to win the match and get out of the Kings of Wrestling. On December 9, 2007, Castagnoli beat Hero, putting an end to a long feud between the two.  After the match, Hero quit the company, and Castagnoli took over his training duties at the Chikara Wrestle Factory.

In 2008, Castagnoli started fighting with Brodie Lee again. Castagnoli beat Lee in the first steel cage match in Chikara history on September 7. This ended the feud. Castagnoli won a seven-on-seven Global Gauntlet match between Chikara wrestlers and Big Japan Pro Wrestling wrestlers on October 19, 2008.

Bruderschaft des Kreuzes (2009–2011)

The Bruderschaft des Kreuzes (Castagnoli, Tursas and Ares) as Campeonatos de Parejas

Castagnoli joined the 2009 King of Trios as a member of Team Uppercut with Bryan Danielson and Dave Taylor. The team made it to the finals of the tournament, but F.I.S.T. beat them there (Icarus, Akuma and Taylor). Eddie Kingston’s team, The Roughnecks, was knocked out of the tournament by Castagnoli and his team. After the tournament, Kingston said that Castagnoli made him feel bad and disrespected him. On May 24, 2009, Kingston used an Oklahoma roll to pin Castagnoli. Kingston had said that he was more technically skilled than Castagnoli.  After Castagnoli won the 2009 Young Lions Cup by countout, he and Kingston were scheduled to fight in a “Respect Match” at the season eight finale of Three-Fisted Tales on November 22, 2009. The loser of the match had to show respect to the winner. Castagnoli won the match, but Kingston attacked him instead of showing respect. He said that Castagnoli and his former partner, Chris Hero, were both dishonest and didn’t deserve respect. At the end of the show, Ares revealed that he was the person who had been following UltraMantis Black. Castagnoli then turned into a rudo and attacked Mike Quackenbush. After beating everyone on the Tecnico team, Castagnoli joined forces with Ares, Tursas, Pinkie Sanchez, Tim Donst, Sara Del Rey, and Daizee Haze to form the Bruderschaft des Kreuzes.

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