Labor MP Marjorie O’Neill Pictured Soaking Up Corporate Box At Allianz Stadium, Despite Opposing It

A Labor MP has been accused of hypocrisy for being pictured in the corporate box of an $828 million stadium she vehemently opposed.

Marjorie O’Neill, the MP for Coogee in the NSW Parliament, was recently photographed at Sydney’s new Allianz Stadium, just down the road from her constituents on the beach.

That was seized upon by her opponents with NSW Minister of Sport Alister Henskens who crowed in the House of Representatives: ‘In the past three weeks, she has not been in the corporate box once, not twice, but three times.

“(Labor) says one thing, they do another, they’re hypocrites.”

But Ms. O’Neill defended her presence at the games, including the Roosters’ clash with the Rabbitohs, despite previously opposing the stadium’s construction.

Labor MP Marjorie O'Neill is pictured in a corporate box at Sydney's Allianz Stadium, where she opposed the construction of

Labor MP Marjorie O’Neill is pictured in a corporate box at Sydney’s Allianz Stadium, where she opposed the construction of

“I am a passionate Roosters supporter and rarely miss a game,” she told Daily Mail Australia.

‘I can’t choose which terrain my team plays on.’

Opposition leader Chris Minns had reportedly warned MPs not to attend the ceremony to open the site in August due to his party’s previous stance against the new site.

Just days later, Mrs. O’Neill attended the first NRL match held there.

It was a change of tone delivered in March 2019, on the eve of the last NSW state election, Ms O’Neill called on the Coalition Government to vacate the new stadium.

She posted on social media that “this community doesn’t want a new stadium.”

Labor MP Marjorie O’Neill was previously against the new Allianz stadium, as in the tweet pictured

In a statement on Wednesday, Ms O’Neil said: ‘My opinion of Allianz Stadium has been absolutely crystal clear and well expressed for years – the government should have just refurbish the stadium and not demolish and rebuild it.

“That would have saved hundreds of millions of dollars that could have been spent on schools and hospitals across the state, like Sydney Children’s and Royal Women’s Hospitals in my electorate, or upgrades to Randwick Girls and Randwick Boys High Schools.”

Radio host Ben Fordham played Mrs O’Neill’s performance at the stadium on Wednesday.

“Oh, Marjorie. Couldn’t you have waited a little while? The thing just opened. I haven’t been there yet,” he said.

“I can’t wait to go, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve been busy, a lot has happened.

“But Marjorie has clearly had a lot of time. She managed to get three visits… despite a history of resisting (it).’

Regarding the reported ban on Labor MPs from going to the stadium, Fordham said: “Marjorie missed the memo, or she just couldn’t refuse that corporate catering.”

The new stadium will be provided by the company of catering dynamo Justin Hemmes, Merivale.

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