Liz Truss Slammed For Not ‘honouring Her Promise’ To Have Dedicated Veterans Minister In Her Cabinet

The wife of Conservative MP Johnny Mercer has claimed he is “tired” when she criticized Liz Truss for “failing to keep her promise” to have a committed veterans minister in her cabinet.

Felicity Cornelius-Mercer tweeted that he disapproved of the Prime Minister for cutting care for Britain’s 2.4 million veterans.

Referring to Sarah Atherton’s appointment as Secretary of State for Defence, Health and Veterans, Mrs Cornelius-Mercer wrote: ‘Sarah is lovely and the only women from the ranks to sit in Parliament.

But also final confirmation that @trussliz had no intention of fulfilling its promise to appoint a committed minister of state for veterans’ affairs to her first cabinet. The role has been further downgraded.”

In response, someone asked Mrs Cornelius-Mercer how her husband – former Veterans Minister Mr Mercer – was doing, to which she replied ‘that’s it’.

Felicity Cornelius-Mercer tweeted that she criticized Lis Truss for lowering care for the UK's 2.4 million veterans

Felicity Cornelius-Mercer tweeted that she criticized Lis Truss for lowering care for the UK’s 2.4 million veterans

Mrs. Cornelius-Mercer criticized Mrs. Truss for ‘failing to keep her promise’ to appoint a committed minister for veterans

Referring to Sarah Atherton’s appointment as Secretary of Defense, Health and Veterans, Ms Cornelius-Mercer said it confirmed Ms Truss “had no intention of fulfilling” her promise to appoint a committed minister for veterans

She continues: “I’ll keep saying this until people stop patronizing me and tell me to shut up – I’m married to a veteran. It’s my struggle. It can be anyone’s struggle.

“Johnny took the veteran care out of Defense because it just doesn’t work there. He created the office of veterans affairs in the independent cabinet. Similar setup to the US, Canada, Oz etc. It’s now been put back where it doesn’t work for veterans.”

Earlier this month, Ms Cornelius-Mercer rejected James Heappey’s appointment as Secretary of the Armed Forces and Veterans because her husband has argued that caring for veterans should stand alone.

She tweeted: “Rolling back the seven years of work my husband did to get veterans away from the Department of Defense where it failed him and so many others, and showing that she lied in the leadership election to ‘keep veteran affairs where they are ‘.

Ms Atherton, the first Conservative to represent the Wrexham constituency, joined the army and served in the intelligence corps after leaving school.

She continued by saying she would continue to raise the issue because she is married to a veteran and ‘it’s my struggle’

The new minister sits on the Defense Select Committee and supports travel discounts for a number of former British armed forces injured.

In her role as Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for Wales, she supported discussions of prosecutions for sexual abuse within the armed forces that took place in civilian courts as opposed to military courts.

Before running her husband’s parliamentary office, Mrs Cornelius-Mercer worked as a supervisor at MK Airlines – a Ghanaian freight forwarding service headquartered in East Sussex before going bankrupt in 2010.

The mother of three completed her education and became a qualified lifeguard earlier this year after setting herself the goal as part of her New Year’s resolutions for 2022.

Mrs Cornelius-Mercer had previously rejected the nomination of James Heappey as Secretary of the Armed Forces and the nomination of Mrs Atherton (both pictured)

She said the qualification was “a confirmation that your hard work has paid off,” sharing her joy at her “sense of achievement.”

Earlier this year, she revealed that her husband had been so “p****d” during a telephone conversation with then Prime Minister Boris Johnson that he could not remember their conversation the next day.

The MP for Plymouth Moor View defended his wife after she was criticized for posting the tweet.

“She’s on this crazy journey with me – the highs and many lows. She has more than the right to take the dick from me/the prime minister/whoever she wants,” he wrote online.

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