“Not Going Through That Again” – Faith Nketsi Speaks On Horrifying Birthing Experience

“Not Going Through That Again” – Faith Nketsi Speaks On Horrifying Birthing Experience

Famous reality television star Faith Nketsi has declared that she is not going through another natural birth after she detailed her horrifying birth experience.

Queen Twerk, who gave birth last month, announced that following her ordeal, she will be going for a caesarian section the next time she gives birth.

Faith surprised many when she announced last month that she had given birth to her first child with her husband, Nzuzu Njilo. She made the announcement just a few months after she denied being pregnant.

The reality television star revealed over the weekend that she was still traumatised by her birth experience. She insisted that she will not have another natural childbirth and would prefer to have a caesarian section.

Faith, however, conceded that she may change her mind at a later stage.

Writing on Twitter, Faith Nketsi said,


“My birthing experience was horrifying.  I remember begging for a c-section at 8cm dilated,I still don’t understand why they didn’t do it.

“Upside: I’m happy I did it; naturally, I was up and about like nothing happened the next day. 2nd baby I’m definitely opting for a c-section.

“26hrs in labour is enough to make me never ever want to go through that again. Maybe I’ll change my mind one day, who knows. But right now, I might still be traumatised hey.

Replying to one of her social media followers who said she should have been given an injection, Faith added,

“Apparently, pushing on epidural is the worst because you don’t know what’s going on and you can’t feel anything so I knew I didn’t want that. I gave birth at Genesis.”


[Image: Faith Nketsi Instagram]

Faith’s experiences on childbirth resonated with many women on social media who came out to share their own fears and experiences. Some also advised Faith not to worry, saying the second time is always much easier than the first when giving birth naturally.



My last birthing experience was 4 years ago but I’m still traumatised. I’m pregnant again and get panic attacks every now and then when I think about going through that again.


I last birthed 18 years ago, I said never again.


The second time will be easier don’t worry,my first birth was also natural and i spent close to 12hours in labour but on my second child i only spent 2hours in labour.


I wish I had given birth natural 
But what do you call someone who doesn’t have any labour pains?  I feel like I am not woman enough ..I don’t know the breaking of water. I just know the pain of the c- section after the baby is born.



I still say never again, will I lay my foot in any maternity ward. Suffered 37hours of labour, I was induced mahala cos I ended up having a c-section, and a back pain from hell, I suspect it’s that epidural. So knowing both pains Andizii 3years later I still mean it.



Having experienced both , I’d choose natural any day. I know most people prefer the other one but Yho I’ll never get over how painful that thing is.


I remember also asking for c-sec while my baby was making her way, the pain was excruciating, my nurse was such a lovely lady, she told me after birth all the pain would be gone and she was right anyways I’ll never do a c-sec. I enjoyed the experience.



I remember saying I will not come back. Next year, 10 months later I was back. And when I thought I would ask for epidural and friends, my contractions happened fast and the baby was out 2 hours after arriving at the hospital. But no this time I mean it, I am not going back.




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