NYC Mayor Adams Says Migrants Bussed From Texas Could Be Housed On Cruise Ships

The New York City mayor has said migrants arriving in his city from Texas could be accommodated on cruise ships as he considers taking legal action against Governor Abbott.

Eric Adams revealed that his team could file a lawsuit against the governor of the Lone Star State as thousands of immigrants continue to be shipped across the country — in many cases without prior warning.

Republican governors have now reignited the escalating immigration war in Democrat-controlled areas by threatening to fly illegal migrants to President Biden’s home state of Delaware.

Buses and planes full of illegal immigrants have so far arrived from the southern borders in New York, Chicago, Washington DC and Massachusetts.

At least six buses carrying asylum seekers arrived in New York from Texas on Sunday as shelters in the city reached “breaking point.” In total, more than 11,000 migrants have arrived in the city since May, 2,500 of which were sent on buses by Gov Abbott.

In a series of scathing interviews, Adams said the serious humanitarian crisis we were dealing with was caused to some extent by “the governors in the southern states.”

Eric Adams of New York told CBS2: “Our legal team is looking at legal challenges we can do with Texas.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams said his government is considering housing migrants on cruise ships to deal with the influx

NYC Mayor Eric Adams said his government is considering housing migrants on cruise ships to deal with the influx

A group of migrants arriving in New York City are sent on buses from Texas. The Big Apple has seen an influx of migrants in recent months as southern state governors re-stage the escalating immigration war in Democrat-controlled areas.

“We believe there are some options we have because if you involuntarily put someone on a bus, we believe that’s the law skate… We don’t waste anything to make sure New Yorkers [not] be treated unfairly.

“We see that as a temporary measure, not a permanent measure. A permanent measure is to get people into the house.

“We need to find temporary measures to deal with this problem.”

And Eric Adams revealed to WCBS that his team is investigating possible housing for the thousands of people brought to the Big Apple on cruise ships.

He added: “We have investigated everything from the legality of using any type of cruise ship for temporary housing.”

It comes after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sensationally flew 50 Venezuelan migrants to Martha’s Vineyard in an unannounced effort to relocate the asylum seekers on the exclusive island of Massachusetts.

The immigrants were then taken by officials to a military base on Cape Cod.

According to the Democrat Mayor, New York’s migrant housing facilities have been pushed to the brink in recent months — the city has already opened 23 emergency shelters.

Adams said 38 more shelters will be created to address the growing problem.

Cruise ships were considered a form of housing for migrants and the homeless during the Mike Bloomberg administration. However, the plan was never carried out.

It’s unclear if details for cruise ship housing have yet been drawn up by Adams’s administration.

Speaking on ABC Sunday, Adams added: “This is an American crisis that we must face — a humanitarian crisis that has been man-made by some governors in the southern states.”

This is because Republicans have stepped up their attacks on the Biden administration as they try to make immigration the theme of November’s midterm elections.

Despite Martha’s Vineyard’s move being praised in Republican circles, liberals criticized DeSantis for pulling what they characterized as a cruel stunt that involved using human lives as pawns in a political game.

Among the critics was President Biden, who said DeSantis was “playing politics with people.”

Martha’s Vineyard declared a state of emergency on the migrants and called in the National Guard, forcing the immigrants to be moved 52 miles to Cape Cod

Pictured: A group of 50 migrants enjoyed Venezuelan food at the military base after Martha’s Vineyard declared a state of emergency over the group’s arrival

Many called the situation a humanitarian emergency, while Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker said Martha’s Vineyard – with a population of 15,000 – “is not equipped to provide sustainable housing” to the migrants.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre also took aim at DeSantis during a news conference, urging other Republicans who disagree with his “blueprint” to “come to the public”.

She said: “This is an issue and we have been clear about this, this is an inhumane issue, it is abhorrent and we should not use people, migrants, who are fleeing communism, as political pawns.”

Defending its plan to transport migrants by bus across the country, Gov Abbott’s office said in a statement Friday: “The bus mission is providing much-needed assistance to our overwhelmed border communities.”

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