Rapper Reason Confronts AKA Over “Amapiano” Diss In New Song “Lemons”

Rapper Reason Confronts AKA Over “Amapiano” Diss In New Song “Lemons”


Sizwe Alakine is taking no prisoners.

South African rapper Reason has confronted fellow hip hop artist AKA after the latter took a subliminal shot at him in the latest song, Lemons (Lemonade).

AKA released the Afrobeat song Lemons (Lemonade) on Friday, 16 September, which features talented lyricist Nasty C.



In the catchy Amapiano song, AKA took a dig at South African hip hop artists who seem to have jumped onto the Amapiano wave. He said:

“People say hip hop died. That’s nonsense,

Thank God they showed their true colours,

Switched up piano like Vultures.”


Rapper Reason Confronts AKA [Image: Genius/Instagram]

Rappers like Reason, Cassper Nyovest and Costa Titch have jumped onto the trend and released 100% Amapiano songs, which have become hits.

Cassper Nyovest released hits like Siyathandana; Costa dropped Big Flexa, while Reason gave fans Ujola Nobani.

Reason did not just switch to Amapiano. He changed his name and now has an Amapiano alter ego, Sizwe Alakine.

The rapper did not take AKA’s diss lightly. Reason took to his Twitter account to directly express his reservations and confront the Congratulate hitmaker on what he said.

So ruffled was Reason that he changed his Twitter username to ‘Sizwe Alakine iVulture’.


Reason Confronts AKA
Rapper Reason Confronts AKA [Image: Instagram]

Reason tweeted:

“Hearing @akaworldwide say “Thank God they showed they true colours/ Switched up piano like Vultures” is problematic to me.

Especially from a hip-hop artist saying this on an Afro-beat record. Like… who you talking about exactly?”

AKA is yet to respond to Reason’s tweet. However, South Africans had responses to spew.



“Mara wena you’ve never blown up as a rapper, it can’t be about you.”


Reason Confronts AKA
Rapper Reason Confronts AKA [Image: Daily Sun/Instagram]


“You misinterpreted that whole sequence, there are hip-hop artists that were siding with “hip-hop is dead” movement that’s who he was addressing.”


“You, Sizwe. He’s talking about you and Cassper Nyovest.”


“AKA never switched on hip hop, he got songs where he raps on an unfamiliar beat to the genre but he’s still hip hop. Wena Yu changed from Reason to Sizwe to go be in the piano culture, isn’t that switching? Y’all never called out AkA, he been doing this since back then.”


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