Saskatchewan pastor Don Woodstock, @notTammyR harassing Tammy Robert on twitter

A probe is being started.

Rev. Timothy Teuscher, president of Lutheran Church–Canada, sent Robert an email thanking him for bringing up her concerns.

He wrote, “We expect that the investigator will want to talk to you as part of their investigation.”

In a follow-up blog post, Robert wrote an open letter to Guggenmos about the news of the investigation.

“The only way you can get out of this and keep your job is to admit what you did, apologize to me, your congregation, and everyone else you’ve hurt with your behavior over the years, and then get the professional help you clearly need,” she wrote.

“I have never met you. Your hatred for me is misplaced and irrational, and it’s not important enough to cause you to lose your job.”

In a prayer he posted on YouTube on March 25, 2021, Guggenmos talked about fights on social media.

He said that God’s mercy is for everyone, including “progressives and nationalists, your neighbor whose dog keeps getting into your trash, and that person whose Facebook posts make you angry.”

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