Screaming Former Putin Advisor Warns President Is Ready To NUKE Britain On BBC Today Programme

Former Russian MP and Putin adviser Sergei Markov claimed Putin 'will target'

Former Russian MP and Putin adviser Sergei Markov claimed Putin ‘will target’

A former Russian MP and Putin adviser stated that British cities will be targeted by Putin’s nuclear weapons this morning in a brazen diatribe on the Today programme.

Sergei Markov had barely exchanged pleasantries with BBC Radio 4 presenter Justin Webb when he launched a series of nuclear war threats.

It’s not a good morning for everyone. In Russia there is partial mobilization and for your British listeners Vladimir Putin told you that he would be ready to use nuclear weapons against Western countries…including against Britain.

“Your cities will be the target.”

Markov, who was elected to the Russian State Duma in 2007 as a representative of Putin’s United Russia party, is now a professor of international relations at a university in Moscow and has a history of spreading Putin’s rhetoric in Western media.

“If Britain continues to be an aggressor against Russia…if Britain’s Prime Minister Liz Truss still has a plan to destroy Russia, the people of London should understand the threat.” [of nuclear weapons],’ he said.

Markov’s unhinged comments came moments after the Russian president announced a partial mobilization to bolster his faltering war in Ukraine and delivered his most outspoken nuclear threat to the West yet.

A former Putin adviser warned British cities will be targeted by Putin’s nuclear weapons this morning in a naked diatribe on the Today program (the launch of Russia’s intercontinental ballistic missile is pictured)

Vladimir Putin today threatened to bomb the West over Ukraine when he announced plans to annex occupied parts of his territory to mainland Russia.

BBC Radio 4 presenter Justin Webb reacted calmly to Markov before finally cutting Putin’s mouthpiece as he continued to rant

Markov began to reject Western involvement in the Russia-Ukraine conflict from the start, accusing the West of using Ukrainian soldiers as “slaves” to exhaust the Russian military.

“It was absolutely clear that Russia is not waging war against Ukraine… there is no reason to use tactical nuclear weapons against Ukrainians,” he said.

“But Ukraine is occupied by western countries… they are western countries fighting against the Russian army and using Ukrainian soldiers as their slaves. This was Vladimir Putin’s main idea.’

Bewildered host Justin Webb let Markov come to a conclusion before calmly asking whether the ex-Putin aide and the Russian people believed there could be a winner in nuclear war.

“Everyone in the world is now thinking of nuclear war… which could be the result of the crazy behavior of US President Joe Biden and British Prime Ministers Boris Johnson and [Liz] Truss,” Markov replied.

During this morning’s speech announcing a partial mobilization of Russian military reservists to fight in Ukraine, Putin told Western countries in no uncertain terms that he was willing to deploy nuclear weapons if the West continued to “deploy the nuclear weapons”. threaten Russia’s ‘territorial integrity’.

“Our country also has several defenses, and in some parts more advanced than those of NATO countries,” the Kremlin chief announced.

Putin tried to revise history in his speech, claiming that the West was using Ukrainians as cannon fodder despite his military attacks on civilian targets (pictured)

Russia will also conduct a partial military mobilization, Putin said, with drafted veterans and reservists with combat or service experience (photo, Russian marines in training)

“If the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we will use all available means to defend Russia and our people, this is not a bluff.

“Russian citizens can rest assured that the territorial integrity of our homeland, our independence and our freedom will be safeguarded by all means at our disposal.

“Those who try to blackmail us with nuclear weapons should know that the wind can blow in their direction.”

The bellicose Russian leader claimed he was responding to threats from unnamed senior NATO officials “about the possibility of using weapons of mass destruction – nuclear weapons – against Russia.”

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