Senator Chris Coons, Biden Ally, Says Midterms Could Be An ‘indication’ For Whether He Runs In 2024

President Joe Biden may not make a decision on re-election in 2024 until the middle of next year, a close Senate ally of his told reporters on Tuesday.

Democrat Senator Chris Coons of Delaware, Biden’s home state, suggested the results of the November midterm elections could also play a role in the president’s decision.

It comes after Biden took a decidedly insecure tone when discussing his political future, despite a litany of aides and lawmakers swearing he will mount another campaign.

“The outcome of the midterm elections will be a pretty strong indication of the issues that will set the stage for the 2024 presidential election,” Coons told reporters, according to Axios.

Coons added that the next presidential election is “a long time away.”

“November 2024 is still a long way off and President Biden has always been one to speak about the need for a transition to a new generation of leaders,” he said.

“The only question is when, and it’s not clear to me if he has decided when that should happen.”

He added: And I honestly think he means what he said in the 60 Minutes interview, that he’s focusing on doing the job.”

Delaware Senator Chris Coons was noticeably more dubious about the prospect of President Biden running for a second term than he was in June

Delaware Senator Chris Coons was noticeably more dubious about the prospect of President Biden running for a second term than he was in June

Coons’ less confident tone is a departure from the confidence other Democratic allies have shown for Biden running again.

However, he seemed confident that Biden would beat Donald Trump if they had a rematch in 2024.

Coons seemed to consider predictions that Republicans could retake both the House and Senate in November, saying there were “plenty of examples of previous Democratic presidents in our lives who had a tough first midterm, but then came back roaring and reeling.” won.’

Biden raised eyebrows on Sunday when he told CBS News ’60 Minutes that it was “far too early” to say whether he will run for president again.

“Look, if I told you, I’m running again, then all of a sudden a whole bunch of things come into play that I have — requirements that I have to change and move and do,” the president said.

“It is far too early to make such a decision. I am a great respect for fate. And so what I do is I do my job. I’m going to do that work. And within the time frame that makes sense after this next election cycle here, starting next year, make a judgment about what to do.”

Biden told 60 Minutes on Sunday it was ‘way too early’ to say if he’ll be driving in 2024

It is highly unusual for presidential candidates, especially incumbent officials, to run for the next race in the White House before the preliminary midterm elections.

However, Biden’s comments caused confusion because of the certainty put down by his allies.

Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in late July that Biden “plans to drive in 2024,” at the request of reporters.

Former adviser Cedric Richmond unequivocally told NBC last week, “He’s walking.”

Even Coons previously had more faith in Biden seeking a second term.

When asked by Fox News Sunday in June whether his White House ally plans to stay for another four years, Coons answered yes.

‘Let me be clear. I am not speaking on his behalf or announcing any candidacy. I’m just saying that I understand so far that the president plans to run for a second term,” the senator said.

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