Housemates recuperate from Wager loss by enjoyable and video games

When the festivities in Level 3 obtained right here to an end and it was time to return to the first House, the Housemates had been in a wonderful mood as they jokingly thanked Biggie for the shock cope with he gave them after their Wager Presentation. The Housemates knew just a bit further about … Read more

Top 10 Video Game Villains Who DESERVED to Win

Video game villains usually deserve to lose, but we wouldn’t have been upset if these baddies achieved success. For this list, we’ll be looking at video game antagonists who actually deserved victory, or at least had their hearts in the right place. We’ll be dealing with some heavy plot details ahead, so beware of spoilers. … Read more

Xbox’s Project Amplify Hopes To Give Games Industry Needed Diversity

Xbox launches new Project Amplify with a teaser video, showcasing the company’s effort to foster and grow black talent in the gaming industry. Xbox recently launched Project Amplify in an industry-wide effort to attract black youth to STEM careers within the gaming industry, with the initiative arriving at the same time as the national week … Read more

Top 10 Video Games You NEED to Play at Least Once

If you haven’t played these games at least once, you may need to get on that. For this list, we’ll be looking at the groundbreaking and genre-defining video games we believe everyone needs to experience once in their lives. To be fair, we’re only including one game per franchise. Our countdown includes “Minecraft” (2011), “The … Read more