Hailey Bieber’s dad is upset about Miley getting a Hannah Montana tattoo because she didn’t give him a camera.

Hailey Bieber’s dad is upset about Miley getting a Hannah Montana tattoo because she didn’t give him a camera. Hailey Bieber’s famous father, Stephen Baldwin, is one cool dad. How do we know? Miley Cyrus got a Hannah Montana tattoo after she promised to make a guest appearance on the Disney show. Unfortunately for Stefan, … Read more

Xbox’s Project Amplify Hopes To Give Games Industry Needed Diversity

Xbox launches new Project Amplify with a teaser video, showcasing the company’s effort to foster and grow black talent in the gaming industry. Xbox recently launched Project Amplify in an industry-wide effort to attract black youth to STEM careers within the gaming industry, with the initiative arriving at the same time as the national week … Read more

Liz Truss pledges to give another £2.3 billion to Ukraine in 2023

Truss will also implore world leaders to end their dependence on Russian fuel (Picture: Anadolu Agency via Getty Images) Britain will send £2.3 billion of military aid to Ukraine in 2023 – matching this year’s contribution – to help it end Vladimir Putin’s brutal invasion. Prime Minister Liz Truss made the pledge as she flew … Read more

Denver To Give Homeless People $12K Cash In New Pilot Program

The city of Denver approved a $2 million program for the Denver Basic Income Project geared towards the homeless.  Up to 140 women, transgender, and non-conforming individuals will receive $1,000 cash monthly for 12 months. City officials stated the monthly stipends will “lift individuals out of homelessness.” Just as important as housing and shelter is … Read more

Royal fans give London tourism a bump amid UK economic woes

Visitors crowding into central London from as far away as the U.S. and India for the historic moment are giving a boost to businesses at a time when the British economy is facing a cost-of-living crisis fueled by the highest inflation in four decades and predictions of a looming recession. LONDON (AP) — Royal fans … Read more

What name would you give to a probe going to ringed gas giant Uranus?

Scientists are keen to send a probe into Uranus. (Credit: Getty) The internet doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to naming suggestions for scientific endeavours. Just ask the Natural Environment Research Council. So when ExploreIGO, a Twitter fan account, posted a poll to find suitable monikers for Nasa’s upcoming Uranus mission, the … Read more