2022 AFL grand final Geelong Cats vs Sydney Swans, Mitch Duncan and Brad Close booted

Max Holmes, a star player for the Geelong Cats, was taken off the team on Saturday morning because he couldn’t get over a hamstring injury. But it didn’t matter for long because Geelong scored seven of the game’s first eight goals and led by 40 points in the second quarter. The big lead after the … Read more

Robbie Williams Receives Unanimous Praise For Electrifying AFL Grand Final Performance

British singer Robbie Williams took to the crowds at the AFL Grand Final in an incredible pre-match performance at the MCG on Saturday. Sports and rock and roll fans alike united on social media to praise the musician for his stellar show, which featured hit singles like Angels, Rock DJ and Kids. On Twitter, reviews … Read more

Is Saraya Medically Cleared To Wrestle In AEW After Grand Slam Debut?

Is Saraya cleared to wrestle now that she’s made her AEW debut? That’s the one question that has been on fans’ minds since the former Paige showed up at Wednesday Night Dynamite Grand Slam. It was the first time she’d been seen on television in quite some time, and the pop was breathtaking. So much … Read more

What time is the grand final parade on tv, 2022 televised afl route time

The parade usually moves through the busy streets of Melbourne with players on the backs of utes, but what fans saw on Saturday was much less exciting. Sunday Footy Show host Tony Jones was one of the first people to criticize the idea and how it was carried out. He said it was a “disaster” … Read more

Who is AFL Referee Brendan Hosking? Top 5 facts about debutants from the Grand Final

Who is AFL Referee Brendan Hosking? Top 5 facts about debutants from the Grand Final For the 2022 AFL Grand Final, the Australian Football League has selected Brendan Hosking to serve as a match referee. It was in the Essendon District Football League that he made his refereeing debut in 2003. He then refereed the … Read more

Who Is AFL Umpire Brendan Hosking? The Top 5 Grand Final Debutant Facts

For the AFL grand final in 2022, the Australian Football League chose Brendan Hosking to serve as an umpire for the game. It was in the Essendon District Football League that he made his debut as an umpire in the year 2003. After that, he worked as an umpire for the grand finals of the … Read more

Who Is Teapotuberhacker Leaked Grand Theft Auto 6

A Twitter user name “Teapotuberhacker” hacked in Rockstar Games’s Database and leaked clips of GTA 6 which went viral all over the web. But, who is Teapotuberhacker? Let us know in the article. How teapotuberhacker Leaked GTA 6 ? On 18 September, a poster on GTAForums going by the name teapotuberhacker (Twitter.com/Teapothack) posted about 90 … Read more

Reddit’s 10 Best Reactions To The Grand Theft Auto 6 Leaks

With Grand Theft Auto 5 less than a year away from its 10-year anniversary, fans have been hungry for any information about the long-awaited sequel they can get their hands on. That’s why the recent Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks have caused such a huge reaction online from those who feel bad for the developers … Read more