Madelyn Cline Parents Pam And Mark Cline Used To Take Her To New York For Her Acting Gigs

Mark Cline, an engineer, and Pam Cline, a real estate agent, were Madelyn’s supporting parents when she was born. She was born close to Charleston, South Carolina, and became a social media superstar as well as an American actor and model when she was ten years old. At the age of 19, she left college … Read more

Two Men Arrested, Charged For Planned Attacks On New York City Synagogues

New details have emerged about the arrest of the two men who planned to carry out attacks on New York City synagogues. Christopher Brown, 21, was recently arrested along with alleged co-conspirator Matthew Mahrer, 22, for their plans to attack members of New York’s Jewish community. The couple were in possession of a gun, a … Read more

Nikole Hannah-Jones Organizes A Twitter Mob Against An Asian Woman Who Complained About Violence On The New York Subway

The author of The Sneering 1619 Project, Nikole Hannah-Jones, launches a Twitter mafia against an Asian woman who complained about violence in New York’s subways, as traffic crime in the Big Apple soars 38% in a year Author Nikole Hannah-Jones has publicly criticized Ylatin Chu, a Queens woman who complained about increased violence on the … Read more

New York Times slammed for ‘whitewashing’ FTX scandal | Will Cain Podcast

New York Times slammed for ‘whitewashing’ FTX scandal | Will Cain Podcast New York Times slammed for ‘whitewashing’ FTX scandal | Will Cain Podcast Watch this video on YouTube Story #1: Honest questions and decisive action. What we need before World War III. Story #2: The birthplace of conspiracy …

NYPD Arrests Two Armed Suspects At Penn Station For Making Threats To Synagogues In The New York

BREAKING: NYPD arrests two armed suspects in Penn Station for threatening New York-area synagogues and seizing a hunting knife and handgun Two armed people were arrested in Penn Station Saturday when police discovered and stopped a threat against the city’s Jewish community. Authorities said Christopher Brown, 21, of Aquebogue, New York, had recently threatened synagogues … Read more

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