The easiest way to transfer contacts from your Android to iPhone

The first method is Apple’s own ‘Switch to iOS’ app. You can download the first-party service on Google Play Store for free and use it to transfer contacts, photos and videos, etc.

Note: For the service to work, you’ll have to be in iOS Setup Assistant, which is the startup page when you turn on your new iPhone for the first time. If you already have the device set up, check out the second method in this guide.

1. After installing ‘Switch to iOS’, accept the terms and conditions and allow the app to access your Android phone’s location.

2. Then you will be asked Find your code. Clap Continue. From your iPhone, follow through the Setup Assistant until you see Migrate data from Android.

3. Enter the six- or ten-digit code from iPhone to Android. One Data transmission A screen will appear, with a list of items you can copy to your iPhone. If you are just moving your contacts, select the corresponding bullet. If you want to move all your files and data, select everything.

4. Leave your Android and iPhone alone while the transfer is being processed. Depending on how well you’re switching from one phone to another, it could take about 30 minutes.

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