Urfi Javed Changes Her Instagram DP Uploads Chahatt Khannas Backless Pic Instead

Urfi Javed And Chahatt Khanna’s Ugly Spat: Internet sensation Urfi Javed and actor Chahatt Khanna’s verbal spat seemed to have no end. The two women got into a nasty argument that started when Chahatt made a remark about Urfi’s clothing choices and ended with Urfi criticizing Chahatt for the conman Sukesh case. The two have been calling each other names and insulting one another on social media. The argument got intense and as a result, Urfi changed her profile photo to Chahatt’s backless image.Also Read – Urfi Javed Raises Mercury in Black Bralette And Thong Bikini With Weird Skirt, Fans Say ‘Kya Khoob Lagti Ho’


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After sharing her photos, DIY stylist Urfi shared a video to respond to Chahatt’s comment. She said that she doesn’t want to become someone’s wife or mother. She also took a sly dig at Chahatt’s divorce and asked her, “Aapne kya ukhada biwi banke Chahat ji (biwi)?” Also Read – Urfi Javed Takes a Sly Dig at Chahatt Khanna After ED Names Her in Conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar Case

I don’t get this.. all this is such an auntie thing, how many funny things are there that I am not fit to be a wife and mother.. Hey ask me man, I don’t want to become someone’s wife No one’s mother! And the concept that a woman is complete only when she becomes someone’s wife or someone’s mother, I do not believe in it. I feel completely complete, I’m very satisfied!’

Chahat uploaded the story that read, “Without knowing the facts and jumping on news for publicity and making a fool of urself. Brainless se kya hi argument karna, akal hoti toh kaam karti, chalo koi na, aap tho aunty, biwi ya maa ke layak toh ho nahi, ab dusro ko hi aunty bolke khush hojao. Allah akal nawaze apko. #Javed.” Urfi reshared her story on her social media handle and wrote, “Word semi nude par zara gaur farmaya jaaye.”


Urfi Javed Chahatt Khanna verbal spat

Urfi also shared Chahatt’s pictures in her story on Instagram following her nude comment.

Uorfi Javed's story

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