US Newspapers From Coast To Coast Mark The Funeral Of The Queen

Newspapers across the country turned their front pages to Queen Elizabeth II’s historic state funeral on Monday, after 10 days of national mourning for the acclaimed monarch who ruled the United Kingdom for 70 glorious years.

From coast to coast, publications like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and the Chicago Tribune used their covers to pay tribute to the stately ceremony at Buckingham Palace as the world woke up to mourn the end of the second Elizabethan era. Tuesday.

A combination of encapsulating imagery and poignant headlines graced newsprint around the world, while citizens generally listened to a live feed of the procession the day before — a broadcast that attracted an estimated 4.1 billion viewers in more than 200 countries, making it the most watched program of all time.

Despite being an ocean away, America provided much of that interest—with that attention continuing to be seen the next day with the prominent print coverage.

Headlines like ‘A Final Goodbye’ and ‘An Outpouring of Affection’ were featured on kiosks from New York to California, accompanied by photos showing the pageantry of the procession.

The funeral was attended by President Joe Biden and several other world leaders and royals, there to pay their respects.

The audience also solemnly watched as the Queen’s casket was lowered into the vault where her beloved Prince Philip lies – meaning her 70-year service as a sovereign had come to a ceremonial end.

It was the first state funeral for a monarch in seven decades, and newspapers across the pond rightly paid tribute and issued special and commemorative issues to mark the historic occasion.

Photographs on the covers of the newspapers captured several moments of state service – attended by about 2,000 world leaders, members of the royal family, representatives of charities – as well as the bearer’s enormous effort to lift Her Majesty’s coffin and the whole day to transport.

The day was declared a national holiday in Britain and has continued to be celebrated by mourners around the world, which also includes the… size of the event.

The funeral marked the first time cameras were allowed in a monarch’s funeral, with coverage available both on TV and various news sites worldwide.

American newspapers, meanwhile, took advantage of this recent arrival, offering full features and spreads dedicated to the iconic royal, who was 96 when she passed away on September 8.

The end of the Elizabethan era US newspapers from coast

The front page of The New York Time, entitled “With Sadness and Uncertainty, Britons close an Elizabethan Age,” features a prominent image of the Queen’s procession as pallbearers carried her coffin from Westminster Hall to St George’s Chapel in Windsor.

The main image from The Wall Street Journal, meanwhile, shows the party bearer taking the Queen’s casket up the stairs to the darkened entrance to the George VI Memorial Chapel at Windsor Castle, where she was laid to rest next to her beloved Philip.

The Chicago Tribune chose a similar image on the front page of a poster for its tribute edition, featuring the flowers and royal regalia atop the casket. An understated subhead reads ‘Pageantry, Solemn Funeral for Beloved Monarch’ and shows a smaller view of mourners in Hyde Park watching one of the many outdoor broadcasts of the funeral broadcast in the UK

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