Watch| DJ Zinhle Gives Cold Shoulder To Her Friend Pearl Thusi, Leaves Mzansi Dumbfounded

Watch| DJ Zinhle Gives Cold Shoulder To Her Friend Pearl Thusi, Leaves Mzansi Dumbfounded

Mzansi has been left dumbfounded by a video clip of DJ Zinhle seemingly giving her friend Pearl Thusi the cold shoulder.

DJ Zinhle provided entertainment at Moozlie’s birthday on Wednesday which was hosted by Pearl Thusi.



In the video clip that has gone viral, the Queen Sono actress approached Umlilo hitmaker who was doing her thing on the turntables.

DJ Zinhle seems to wave Pearl Thusi away from her workstation before she was joined by a man identified as Brandon.

Pearl Thusi x DJ Zinhle (Image Credit: IOL)

You can watch the video of the incident below:

Tweeps took to the comments section and they were left dumbfounded by DJ Zinhle’s actions. Below are some of the comments:


That was cold❄️ af😭

Ma’Dlamini 🤍✨:

Pearl walking away 💔😭 Zinhle’s a mean girl that’s why i stopped watching that show of hers. She’s got main character syndrome

🥂🍾This is dirty 30🍾🥂:

Not a Pearl Thusi fan but this was unnecessary especially with people taking videos aowa

Another section of Tweeps defended DJ Zinhle. Here are some of the comments:


y’all hate it when people pretend and call them fake, but wanted zinhle to pretend like she’s fine? and we all know pearl was wrong in whatever happened


Lol but guys i see nothing like that Dj Zinhle was calling that guy to come help her…..from the first place i think Dj Zinhle would have not even allow Pearl infront of her🙄

DJ Zinhle however dismissed suggestions that she gave Pearl Thusi the cold shoulder. She said that in the video she was not waving Thusi away but was gesturing to Brandon to join her. DJ Zinhle asked Tweeps not to abuse her for something she said she did not do.

DJ Zinhle wrote:

Hey guys. I need to clear things up. Pearl & I had a great time & on the video you saw, I was gesturing to Brandon, whom I was playing a set with, to come & select the song cause we were using his USBs. Also. Why would Pearl smile when she walked away if I was being mean to her? Please stop vilifying me… STOP! Also. Y’all keep saying I don’t need to explain myself so you can push the narrative that entertains you. I was never mean to Pearl.. not at all…

Pearl Thusi responded to DJ Zinhle and said that she was not given a cold shoulder by the My Name Is producer whom she considers a friend. She said she decided to get out of the way to allow DJ Zinhle to get on with her work. Pearl Thusi wrote:

I’m actually so confused. I thought it was obvious that you guys were busy and I just decided to get out of the way. How it got to this point baffles me. Wild. That time we had so much fun. 🤷🏽‍♀️

She also responded to enquiries on how she was feeling after she was waved away nonchalantly by someone she considers a friend. Pearl Thusi thanked her fans for showing concern and confirmed that she is fine. She wrote:

Thank you for caring guys, it means a lot. It’s appreciated but I’m really fine 🤍

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