Where is Christian Griggs’ Ex-Wife Katie Griggs Now?

On one of the most current episode of Investigation Discovery’s ‘True Crime Story: It Couldn’ t Happen Here,’ the customers research study in relation to the unfortunate tale of a more youthful dad. Christian Griggs was assassinated outdoors his separated father-in-law’s house after he obtained there to pick up his then-4-year-old little girl,Jaden Katie Griggs, that had actually been divided from Christian, was inside the residence when the recording happened. So, in situation you’re doubting what struck her, right below’s what all of us understand.

Who is Katie Griggs?

Katie Chisenhall matured in Angier, North Carolina, and also was referred to as a scheduled and also rather girl. Her dad, Pat Chisenhall, expanded to come to be a priest when he was 29. Katie was the younger child and also had an older sibling calledPatrick Katie fulfilled Christian at Harnett Central High School in North Carolina, and also the 2 began partnership rapidly after. Katie obtained expecting throughout their elderly year, and also their little girl, Jaden, was birthed in November 2008, merely months after highschool beginning.

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While Christian at first participated in North Carolina State University on a complete ROTC scholarship, he quit after a year and also employed within the Army to provide for his little girl. Christian’s father and also mama later on claimed that Katie would generally charge them of disrespecting her. Tensions have actually been too much in between everyone worried, with Katie’s father and also mama and also Christian’s father and also mama not setting up till 4 months after the pair’s January 2009 wedding. The marital relationship had not been with out its problems. Christian socialized in Iraq as a component of his release, with the excursion finishing in August 2011.

Later, Christian and also Katie acquired a residence in Harlem, Georgia, nonetheless their time there was noted by numerous factors. In May 2012, Katie called 911 to report that Christian had actually secured himself with a weapon; she believed he would certainly eliminate himself. When the authorities showed up, he advised them it was entirely to scareKatie Then, in September 2012, whereas Katie remained in Georgia, she called 911 to claim that Christian had actually endangered to eliminate himself. At the moment, he went to his father and also mama’ house inNorth Carolina Christian advised the authorities he was resting and also had actually entirely spoken with Katie simply a couple of hrs prior.

The adhering to day, she remained in Angier and also called 911 one more time, stating Christian rejected to vanish which they said around Jaden’s protection. The pair attempted to make it function one more time earlier than last but not least calling it gives up in 2013. Christian obtained Jaden on alternating weekend breaks, and also on October 11, 2013, he mosted likely to pick her up. However, a disagreement followed, and also Katie later on advised the authorities that Christian removed an air conditioning device and also damaged a home window. That comparable evening, Katie and also Pat had actually warrants composed for Christian’s apprehension for damaging and also entering and also residence jail trespass.

On the early morning of October 12, 2013, Christian went back to pick up Jaden, nonetheless what happened later on stayed in question. Pat advised the authorities that Christian was annoyed and also had actually been endangering. So, the priest requested his little girl to get in the residence. Then, Pat asserted that Christian started banging on the entrances and also residence windows of your home and also wanted Katie to return out. Katie, that stated she had actually been concealing in a storage room earlier than the recording, called 911 and also affirmed Christian endangering them and also burglarizing the residence. In the suggestion, Pat asserted to have actually fired his separated son-in-law in protection.

Where is Katie Griggs Today?

Katie Griggs’ account of the event was secured by the court docket in Harnett County, North Carolina, with entirely Pat’s version of the celebrations openly accessible. She was present at her dad’s wrongful passing away test submitted by Christian’s father and also mama, the area he was lastly found civilly responsible. For currently, Katie has protection of Jaden, that’s a young adult today.

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As of 2018, Katie Griggs has actually remained in accredited back-and-forth with Christian’s father and also mama connecting to their access toJaden In the years that embraced, Katie remarried, and also in January 2018, submitted documents for Jaden to take her spouse’s title. “That is also my married name and she wants our names to be the same,” her request discover. It was apparently given within the adhering to month. From what we have the ability to notify, she nevertheless resides in North Carolina nonetheless favors to keep her life individual.

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