Where is Georgie Stone’s Mom Rebekah Robertson Now?

As a short docudrama that really lives as long as its title, Netflix’s ‘The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone’ can only be referred to as equivalent elements grasping, informing, heartening, along with motivating. That’s as an outcome of it carefully includes video footage covering the initial 19 years of Georgie Stone’s life to entirely uncover her detailed trip from child to teenager protestor to a starlet. But in the meantime, in case you intend to be shown additional in relation to the titular trans teen’s steadily helpful mom, Rebekah Sarah Robertson– with a certain handle her existing standing– we’ve gotten you layered.

Who is Rebekah Robertson?

Although birthed in England on July 4, 1967, Rebekah Sarah Robertson truly matured in Hobart, Tasmania, along with her 4 sis earlier than inevitably moving to Melbourne, Australia, throughout the mid-Nineties The truth is she would certainly currently developed herself as a starlet by this degree, especially with alternatives in a variety of television discloses as well as differentiated duties in a variety of theater does varying from 1988. Therefore, it was no shock that she remained in a placement to soon build an occupation Down Under as appropriately, merely to after that fulfill fellow star Greg Stone throughout a 1995 ‘Lady Windermere’ s Fan’ phase production.

Rebekah as well as Greg swiftly dropped in love, celebrated a marriage, as well as invited a charming collection of doubles right into their lives (in May 2000; each designated children at starting), simply for problems to change a little due to the fact that the years handed. “Georgie was 2½ when she first told me she should be a girl,” Rebekah disclosed in a meeting with The Sydney Morning Herald before showing she herself was not merely remoted yet furthermore implicated of child misuse simply for on call her truth. “It was so lonely,” she proceeded. “And if it was lonely for me, imagine how it was for her.”

Rebekah did her finest to aid her little girl in each technique feasible, beginning with comprehending her state of events, backing her up at each provided 2nd, as well as obtaining her specialist treatment. Then, whether it’s going using the Family Court to see to it Georgie gets authorization for the required hormone treatments or challenging the lawful standards that press this path, she did all of it. Rebekah primarily instructed Georgie to not make herself smaller sized for any person, which the last admits conserved her life. “Having Mum on my side was everything. I wouldn’t be alive without her,” Georgie claimed in the similar meeting.

Where is Rebekah Robertson Today?

To this existing day, Rebekah Robertson emphatically preserves she’s mosting likely to “never have Georgie in a position where she’s expected to abandon herself for the benefit or comfort of any system, any corporation, any government.” This view relatively reaches her child/Georgie’s double Harry as well as each various child of this globe as appropriately, yet she’s a supporter for trans, gender-diverse, as well as non-binary kids, especially. In various expressions, Victoria- based Rebekah is currently a starlet, a maker, as well as an energised protestor.

It was once more in 2012 that Rebekah based Transcend as a parent-led peer aid team, nevertheless right now it has actually established right into a charitable team benefiting the improvement of these like her little girl. This charity facility buddies with a variety of neighborhood watch to market plans that aid trans, gender-diverse, as well as non-binary young people achieve their complete prospective whereas welcoming them as they’re.

We should certainly explain the voice musician, along with the 2019 Straight Ally of the Year (by GLOBE Community Awards), has actually furthermore penciled a narrative based mainly on all these experiences. ‘About a Girl: A Mother’ s Powerful Story of Raising Her Transgender Child’ was at first disclosed in September 2019, as well as it remains one in all Rebekah’s most remarkable materialistic accomplishments. On the personal entry, Rebekah as well as Greg will certainly not be jointly any longer nevertheless nevertheless share a friendly connection.

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