Where is Melissa Sclafani Now? Update

What takes place when economic instability presses you to anxiety? This is a tale of a mommy, called Melissa Sclafani, from Gloucester, Massachusetts that remodelled from an unusual banks bank employee to someone that ran an around the world pretend steroid rip-off. VH1’s ‘My True Crime Story’ covers the rip-off specifically as well as the examination training course of along with today location of Melissa as well as what’s she to day. So, that is that this Melissa Sclafani? Let’s find out.

What Was Melissa Sclafani’s Crime?

In her late 20s, Melissa Sclafani of 19 Beacon Street, Gloucester, Massachusetts, was a brand-new mommy battling to please ends as well as staying with postpartum anguish. Her task on the indigenous banks as a banks bank employee was not adequate to help the funds of her home. She was watching out for an element profits job when she satisfied Tyler Bauman, 32, of Shrewsbury, as well as Philip Goodwin, 36, ofLynn The triad, with the help of 3 various accomplices, started a fake steroid team that began operating in February 2016.

They smuggled raw steroids from Hong Kong as well as China to make injectable anabolic steroids as well as their declared ringleader, Tyler, provided them beneath pretenses within theUnited States Going by the username “musclehead320,” Tyler provided the fluid steroids beneath a pretend subsidiary of Amgen, an American international biopharmaceutical company. However, Amgen does not produce or advertise such anabolic steroids. Melissa as well as others marketed as well as marketed their goods over health and wellness blog sites as well as social media sites systems beneath the title “Onyx Pharmaceuticals,” which also had a pretend e mail id.

As per evaluations, they made use of imitation labeling, holograms, as well as branding to disperse their counterfeit item throughout the country. The U.S. Attorney’s Office of the District of Massachusetts underscores exactly how they approved expense for his/her goods– “Customers paid for the steroids via money remitters, such as Western Union and MoneyGram, and members of the conspiracy used false identifications and multiple remitter locations to pick up the steroid proceeds.”

The process from the procedure have actually been after that washed by a Beverly tanning beauty salon had by Tyler as well asPhilip Situated on Dodge Street, Gloucester, Melissa acted as the business assistant of the beauty salon called Wicked Tan LLC. She assisted the contrary implicated in acquiring raw products as well as gives from global dirt to make the phony steroids. She was in addition worried in laundering the earnings from the sale by the tanning beauty salon.

Where is Melissa Sclafani Today?

Melissa Sclafani ran the rip-off for over a twelve month, from February 2016 to April 12, 2017, after they have actually been billed with as well as apprehended for conspiracy theory to site visitors steroids as well as wash money. The examination was executed by the United States Immigration as well as Customs Enforcement (ICE) as well as Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). The private investigators have actually been aided by police officers from the Food as well as Drug Administration’s Office of Criminal Investigation, the New York Field Office, as well as the United States Postal Inspection Service.

The big examination placed by the cooperation of numerous government business generated 5 government search warrants that “yielded 9 kilograms of raw powder steroids, over 35,000 units of finished steroid units, laboratory production equipment, 14,000 fraudulent branding labels, and boxes and more than $500,000 in cash.” A full of 6 government apprehension warrants have actually been in addition released for Melissa, Tyler, as well as Philip, along with Brian Petzke, 49, of Saugus; Robert Medeiros, 31, of Gardner; as well as Kathryn “Katie” Green, 28, of Shrewsbury.

Melissa begged accountable to “one count of conspiracy with intent to distribute and distribute counterfeit steroids and one count of conspiracy to launder money” on July 14, 2017, in a Boston government court room. The money laundering charges can interest a the majority of prison sentence of 20 years, a helpful of $500,000 or two times the attain or absence of the conspiracy theory, as well as 3 years of monitored launch. The conspiracy theory to provide as well as disperse pretend steroids brought in a the majority of prison sentence of 5 years, 3 years of monitored launch, as well as a helpful of as long as $250,000 or two times the attain or absence of the conspiracy theory.

Due to her appeal bargain, Melissa was handed a lowered sentence. On April 26, 2018, the 30-year-old was punished to a 12 months as well as a day behind bars as well as a set of years of monitored launch. As of 2022, Melissa Sclafani has actually offered her sentence completely. She is in her mid-30s as well as functions as an Assistant manager at Citizens Bank.

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