Where Is Survivor Ashley Freeman Now?

Ashley Freeman was a passionate college student when she satisfied as well as obtained familiarized withMike Grinnan Eventually, their relationship transformed charming, as well as Mike also released Ashley to his father as well as mother. However, an unexpected as well as shocking catastrophe intimidated to complete their encouraging lives as quickly as and also for all. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Dead Silent: The Stranger on The Hill’ narrates just how Ashley as well as Mike had actually been assaulted throughout an off-road drive as well as adheres to the examination that lastly presented the criminal to justice. If you’re interested by this situation as well as require to find out the location Ashley goes to existing, currently we have you lined!

Who Is Ashley Freeman?

At the moment of the murder, Ashley Freeman was finding out to be a fitness instructor as well as had good desires for the longer term. She’s identified for her kindhearted as well as beneficiant nature, as well as her companions spoke about that Ashley whatsoever times invited everyone with a smile. While in college, she satisfied as well as obtained familiarized with Michael “Mike” Grinnan, as well as the 2 swiftly obtained relatively tight with each other. Besides, after starting a connection, they continued to be each other’s finest companions as well as wanted to build a life jointly. In fact, Mike was so essential that he also released Ashley to his father as well as mother.

However, Mike had no idea regarding that catastrophe that may swiftly intimidate to wreck all the items. On June 14, 2002, Ashley as well as Mike had actually been going to the latter’s father as well as mother once they established to take place an offroad drive on a hillside in Dallas,Texas Although the drive showed up peaceable at first, they had actually been swiftly assailed by a complete stranger that required cash money after endangering them with a weapon. Ashley as well as Mike took on the aggressor’s orders, nevertheless he urged the more youthful girl out previously than linking Mike consisted of in the auto. The assaulter after that established fireplace to Mike’s automobile, requiring Ashley to take a look at her partner battle helplessly.

Unfortunately, also Ashley could not flee due to the fact that the aggressor urged her right into his automobile as well as took her to a remote location nearby. There, she was extremely raped two times earlier than being fired within the once again as well as left for drab. However, the bullet injury was not harmful, as well as Ashley someway took care of to walk to an advancement internet site a number of mile away, from the location she phoned for help. Once authorities got to Ashley, they transferred her to an area medical facility as well as exposed that Mike was in addition with the ability of retreat the fire place as well as find help. Subsequently, the 2 assisted the cops with their examination, which brought about the take of the aggressor, Leeroy W. Rogers Sr., in 2013.

Where Is Ashley Freeman Today?

As Ashley Freeman really did not require to encounter her aggressor once again, she established to not indicate against Leeroy in court room. However, the charged nevertheless begged accountable to the charges against him as well as was punished to 10 years behind bars in 2004. Naturally, the terrible attack left a long lasting mark on Ashley’s ideas, as well as it took her relatively a while to fight the satanic forces of her previous. However, Ashley put on a daring face as well as was chosen to hang on along with her life.

Ashley finished from university as well as took place to satisfy her desire for developing into a primary university instructor. Moreover, based on tales, she in addition functions as a specialist professional photographer on the facet. Even although Ashley favors to keep her existing location below covers, it resembles she nevertheless stays in Texas as well as has actually built up a splendid life bordered by family as well as companions, as well as we desire to desire her among the very best for the years to return.

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