Who is Santo as explained in the conclusion of Santo? Can Santo really kill Luca?

Who is Santo as explained in the conclusion of Santo? Can Santo really kill Luca?

Miguel Millán and Ernesto Cardona are two police officers from Spain and Brazil whose paths cross when they set out to capture Santo, an invisible drug lord, in the Netflix crime series ‘Santo’ created by Carlos López. Miguel Millán and Ernesto Cardona are the protagonists of the series. When Santo arrives in Madrid to start a new drug empire with the help of occult practices, Cardona ends up in the Spanish capital with Bárbara, Santo’s lover, to find him and take revenge on him for the death of his partner Vera.

Cardona seeks to exact his revenge on Santo for killing Vera. The captivating Spanish series comes to a finale with some stunning revelations and developments surrounding Santa’s identity and plans for the future. If you are interested in taking a deeper look at the same topic, feel free to listen to what we have to say about it. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is Santo

Santo season 1 recap

The first deaths to occur in ‘Santa’ are a local drug dealer named Cristóbal and his son Mario. Because of Cristóbal’s wife Maria, with whom he is having an affair, police officer Miguel Millán, who also works for the local drug mafia that Cristóbal is involved in, goes on a murder spree with his colleague Susi. Millán is doing this for Cristóbal’s family.

During their search, Millán and Susi encounter three Norwegians who are also involved in an attempt to kill Millán. Millán and Susi discover that the Norwegians are men under the command of Santo, a Brazilian drug lord who has no known face and no other information regarding his identity. Ernesto Cardona, a police officer from the city of Salvador in the Brazilian state of Bahia, becomes an undercover member of Santa’s group of drug traffickers.

Cardon’s cover is eventually compromised, threatening the success of his operation. However, he gets a second chance to find Santo through Bárbara, who is Santo’s lover and who asks the police for help to escape from an unnamed drug lord. Cardona and Bárbara flee to Spain for protection, but Santo follows them there and kidnaps them.

Millán eventually rescued Cardona from a warehouse where the drug lord was sacrificing human beings to improve himself and ensure his safety while Millán investigated Santo. They eventually manage to find Barbara, but Cardona and Barbara decide to flee from the authorities and take refuge in a secret location rather than cooperate with the authorities.

Cardona finds it hard to move on after losing Vera, who first told him about Ex, a spirit associated with customs originating from Africa. As a follower of Ex, he is granted the “Thread of Ex” which he must wear at all times for protection. Under the influence of Santa’s occult rituals, he also has disturbing thoughts that include murdering a child as a victim of Santa’s human sacrifice ritual.

While this is happening, Millán’s superiors discover that he has connections to local narcotics. Despite this, he is able to fabricate a story so that the investigation into Maria’s disappearance can continue. During the same time period, Santa’s men kidnap a group of children to perform additional sacrifices.

Paulo, who worked with Cardona in Brazil, travels all the way to Madrid to help. However, he is killed in a clash with Santo’s men, and they take Barbara with them to the warehouse after the battle. Millán is kidnapped by Nora and Santo forces him to stay in the same warehouse with him because he wants Millán to kill the child as a sacrifice. Cardona comes to the rescue and stops the victim. The kidnapped children are rescued by Susi, who arrives at the warehouse, while Cardona and Millán continue their search for Santa.

Santo Season 1 Finale: Who Is Santo?

Although Santo is one of the most infamous drug lords in the world, no one has seen him, not even his closest friends or acquaintances. Law enforcement agencies in many countries are unable to find even a single photograph of the perpetrator. Santo, on the other hand, never left their company because Barbara is Santo.

Barbara invented the idea and image of a powerful, masculine and invisible drug lord in order to distract her opponents, competitors and law enforcement officers. By creating such a character, Barbara is better able to play the role of Santo’s fugitive and distract law enforcement officials such as Millán and Cardona. He does this by hanging out with them and learning their every move.

Barbara is well aware that in a world dominated by powerful men, it is impossible for her to start an international drug smuggling ring on her own. She had to reckon with the risk that someone would try to “oust” her from the empire she had built if she emerged as the real head of her drug network. As a result, the concept of a strong male image becomes an urgent necessity for a woman.

The terror of such masculine power among Barbara’s own men ensures that they will not attempt to harm Santo’s lover, ensuring that Barbara will continue to live among her men. Since she is seen as the person most intimate with the fictional Santo, pretending to be Santo’s lover gives her the ability to exercise authority and control over her men.

Through the fictional character Santo Barbara, he also taps into the natural anxiety people have about the “invisible”. Even among Barbara’s competitors and the political authorities of many nations, Santo continues to be a figure seen as authoritative, mysterious, and terrifying. This is due to the fact that no one in the world can adequately estimate the power and authority of a fictional creature.

He worries that it is human nature to fear things that cannot be explained and cannot be seen. The inclusion of occult practices and other paranormal activity contributes significantly to the expansion of the Santa myth and demonstrates the effectiveness of Barbara’s invention.

Will Santa/Bárbara kill Lucia?

Despite the fact that Millán and Cardona know that Bárbara is actually Santo, they are unable to restrain her, allowing her to escape. Millán, who is attacked by guys working for a drug lord, is then taken to the hospital. Bárbara sends him a video of her holding Luca at gunpoint while he is in the hospital receiving treatment. Although Bárbara has the power to decide Luca’s future, it is possible that she is in no rush to end her life.

The fact that Barbara chooses to deliver the footage to a law enforcement officer instead of immediately killing Millán’s daughter suggests that the drug lord has some unfinished business regarding Millán. There is a strong possibility that Barbara is using Lucia as bait to use the cops.

Millán could prove to be an invaluable asset to Bárbara’s unit, especially given the precarious position he currently finds himself in as he establishes his own drug empire in Spain. Prior to Millán and Cardona, no authority has ever been able to uncover the truth about Santa, which means Bárbara is losing her power.

If she can keep Millán on her side at this point, she will be in a better position to continue her drug dealing in Spain. It is therefore assumed that Barbara will use Lucia as a means of blackmailing the police officer.

Since Millán has put his life in danger to subdue Santo, his superiors may give him permission to continue his investigation and eventually subdue Santo. If this is the case, then Millán may have no choice but to serve Barbara as the price he must pay to keep his daughter safe. As someone who has previously helped local drug lords in exchange for money, the police officer may have no moral conflicts about being able to help Barbara if she also benefits from the same situation.


Why does Cardona save Santo/Bárbara?

After Bárbara confesses that she is Santo, Millán makes it his mission to eliminate her so that he can keep his word to Maria and fulfill his commitment. Bárbara is able to escape capture thanks to Cardon’s intervention, which buys her some time. Cardona begins to develop a close personal connection with Barbara after he “saves” her from Santa.

Times spent squatting and fighting a common enemy helped strengthen that relationship even more. Even when Cardona realizes that Barbara is actually Santo, he may still have affection for her. Cardona travels to Spain with the intention of exacting revenge on whoever was responsible for the death of his partner Vera.

Cardona’s fury subsided the moment he found out that Santo was really Barbara, so he was no longer angry. There is no other justification for Cardona to spare the life of the person who was responsible for the death of Vera, her nephew, and a piece of himself by calling her a “child killer.” It is possible that Cardona will decide to end Barbara’s life himself instead of entrusting Millán with the task. But the Brazilian shows no anger towards her after stopping Millán, suggesting that Cardon’s feelings for Bárbara must have influenced his behavior because he didn’t kill her.


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