Xero’s Z-Trail barefoot shoes on sale right now

Our favorite barefoot Xero Z-Trail shoes and sandals, now almost sold out, at about $40 ($40 off)—Exact trade varies slightly by color and size. Xero’s big sale off also extended to some of our other top shoes from the brand, including our favorite trail running shoe, the HFS, for $60+ (up to $45)and Deals for $54+ ($26 off), which I’ve tested but aren’t in our tutorial yet. The Mesa Trail, sold out in men’s sizes, is also on sale and still available in women’s size for $36 ($84 off). The sale extended until October 3 while supplies last.

What exactly are barefoot shoes? Modern shoe technology and cushioning protect your feet, but protection is not always what you want. Feet are made to stretch, flex, roll and flex and allow them to do what they have evolved to do can reduce impact injury and offers a host of other benefits. This is what barefoot shoes are all about, but you need to be comfortable walking in them. Read ours Best barefoot shoes instructions for more details and recommendations.

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Why we love the Xero Z-Trail

Xero Z-Trail . sandals

Photo: Xero Giày Shoes

Flat shoes are just shoes that don’t have much cushioning. They are also flat, with no heels, which is why they are sometimes referred to as “zero-drop” shoes. A flat, minimal sole means you can feel the ground beneath your feet, improving balance and strengthening the muscles in your legs and feet.

Xero Z-Trail . sandals changed my life for the better when I first tried them years ago, and I’m still a fan to this day. They strike the best balance between cushioning and freedom of movement. Z-Trails have 10mm of padding, which makes them a good choice for newbies (although you should still go slow if you’re new and wear them for short periods of time, increasing the duration a bit for until your foot adjusts).

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